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D-Link has seen equal successes in the Consumer and Business product segments, which has come via a carefully executed go-to market strategy in combination with the successive launches of exceptional quality products. Sakkeer Hussain-Director, Sales & Marketing, D- Link MEA discusses some key aspects of the manufacturer’s success across consumer and SMB segments

What do you see as the top 3 to 5 factors that has helped D-Link become a strong performing brand in the past two decades in the region?At D-Link Middle East, we largely focus on two product segments – consumer and business. As a well-established networking leader in the region, we have been able to significantly grow both segments, even during these challenging times. One of the key reasons for our success is the fact that we are able to adapt to market changes quickly. With a core focus on digital initiatives and digital solutions, we have positively grown the business to new heights. Our extensive channel partnerships also majorly contribute to our strengths and growth in the region. Consistently introducing new innovations, exceeding customer expectations and offering intensive support and services are other areas where we have excelled, enabling us to grow across product segments. We believe having a laser focus on our core objectives while simultaneously keeping our customers at the heart of our business have helped us stay differentiated and successful in the regional market.

D-Link has been a pioneer when it comes to introducing new technologies, for home users and SMB. Elaborate on your strategy that has been successful with consistent introduction of new technologies?

For more than two decades, we have consistently grown year-on-year and became a household name. We continue to uphold this reputation by never compromising on quality and service, truly listening to customers’ requirements and ensuring each offering is integrated with innovation. Additionally, we have established powerful alliances with global leaders such as MOXA, Gajshield and ZCOM to help us further cater end-to-end to the market’s wireless solutions and security demands efficiently.

Over the last few years, we have had some great wins in terms of bringing ground-breaking consumer and business products to market. This ranges from switches, 4G and 5G solutions, Smart Home innovations, IoT solutions, CCTV and IP Camera solutions, Whole Home Wi-Fi routers, including novelties around Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi Mesh Solutions, IP Telephony and so on.

How receptive have home segment buyers been to new technologies in the region? For instance, while manufacturers always talk of higher speeds and throughput, are the consumers in the home segment aware and giving importance to these factors?

I believe more and more customers are much aware of the advantages that new technologies can bring to their everyday life when investing in a smart home. The smart home market is expected to reach a global revenue of US $141,220 million by 2023, according to a report by Statista. Customers are better educated and surer of what they want, having access to a surplus of research information online today. Once they are aware of a new solution and how it can make their lives easier, customers are more receptive to investing in it. This is also where our channel partners play a key role, in informing and enabling customers to understand the potential of a technology. In short, yes, they are giving more importance to technology while it is also an area of opportunity for our partners.

Have you expanded your SMB range of products of late? Mention the new additions already launched or in the pipeline?

D-Link Middle East and Africa is a leader in the SMB space for over two decades in the region. As SMB businesses grow, they need to have enterprise quality networking and wireless solutions but at cost-effective prices. Understanding the requirements well, over the years, we have released a number of products and solutions targeted at the SMB market. We have held and continue to invest in numerous trainings, certifications and workshops for our channel partners to educate them on the fundamentals of SMB businesses and how they should approach customers from these segments. We also continuously work on developing incentive programs, loyalty and post-sales initiatives aimed at partners that cater to the SMB space.

We have the broadest array of portfolio that partners can choose from to offer SMB customers for all their networking requirements. This includes solutions for IP Surveillance, Wireless, Switching, Storage, Security, Cloud, VoIP, Print Servers, Structured Cabling, Digital Home, 3G/4G Routers, Power over Ethernet Kits, Powerline, KVM, Structured Cabling and Digital SMB offerings. Partners can rely on us to be their one-stop-shop when it comes to the SMB segment.

Additionally, we have specific and dedicated programs directed at the SMB sector to motivate partners to earn more. Coupled with relevant services opportunities, partners can have a higher margin with D-Link offerings in the SMB space.

How key has the channel been in D-Link’s go-to-market strategy? Please elaborate on your channel focus and how you have been supporting them through these challenging times?

Taking into account the current economic factors, D-Link is driving digital innovations through its extensive partner community. We are doubling down on our channel strategy with intensive virtual partner trainings and education on how our latest offerings can play a key role in customers’ digital journey.

We had experienced unavoidable delays, when it came to supply chain issues, arising out of China, during the strict global lockdown in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in the UAE. However, we went over and above to ensure partners had everything they needed even during this time. Adhering to government regulations, we attained the required permits and approvals to keep our warehouses open during the lockdown. We are able to offer after-sales support seamlessly through digital channels. Now the regulations have gradually eased, allowing businesses to open up and we are seeing everything go back to usual slowly.

D-Link’s commitment and support for partners never wavered during these difficult times. Over the past few months, we have strengthened our digital initiatives and announced support and several areas of opportunities for our channel partners. We continue to execute digital campaigns and promotions with our distributors. We have also made it possible for partners to claim digital vouchers on specific product segments.

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