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Aigerim Baktybekkyzy, Channel Manager at May Cyber Technology discusses the company’s focus on international expansion and developing next-generation SIEM and UABA solutions

 What are the solutions of focus for the company?

We are focusing on developing cybersecurity solutions. We have network access control solution (NAC) and security information and event management solutions (SIEM)as the primary solutions of focus in our portfolio.

When did the company commence operations?

We started our journey as a company in 2005 in Turkey. In the Middle East, we have been operational for two years. We started our journey by developing a network access solution. We are the leaders in Turkey as far as NAC solution is concerned. For SIEM, we do have a couple of local competitors. We have 80% coverage of the Turkish market. We have a good penetration across most customer verticals. This includes governmental entities, public sector, healthcare, Banks, Education etc.

 Discuss your focus on international expansion

Having firmly established as a leader in Turkish market, we wanted to look at the international market. We wanted to target the Middle East markets such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman. So we have partnered with Bulwark Technologies to have our footprint across this region. We already have some customer references here such as in the Oil & Gas sector for instance. We are now starting to develop our business in the CIS region including Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Besides looking to go global, we are looking to expand the solutions range and, in this direction, we have introduced a new solution called Captive Portal, a solution that helps manage guests such as in the hospitality or tourism sector. It can be used not only as an additional module to the NAC solution but can also be used as an individual WiFi hotspot solution.

By the end of the year, we also plan to launch a UEBA (user entity behavior analysis) solution that will use Machine Learning technology to analyze behavior patterns and detect anything unusual. While we plan to be the first to launch such a solution in Turkey, we will also be taking it global and hoping to compete with the current leaders. We are planning to make the solution cost-effective to penetrate new markets and to replace our competitors there.

Is R&D a major focus for the company?

Until 2023, we focused on direct sales but since then we have focused on building a channel network through partners such as Bulwark Technologies. We want to focus on our products and work with partners to penetrate the markets. We currently have 40 engineers in our R&D team and that is our strength.

Discuss your focus on SOC monitoring and SIEM
We offer an integrated platform for organizations to help them effectively manage their security operations centers. We offer features like log reports, alerts, and analysis as part of the SIEM solution. We also have Asset Management as part of the solution. We are now redeveloping our SIEM solution for Turkey and other markets using machine language to ensure customers get the latest SIEM offerings.

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