Kelvin showcases its Collaborative Control Software Solutions that reduces Carbon emissions at ADIPEC 2022


Kelvin, the leading collaborative control software company delivering industrial intelligence, announced its participation at ADIPEC 2022, the region’s largest energy exhibition. Kelvin will showcase its innovative solutions such as Kelvin Carbon Maps and Kelvin Copilots that demonstrate how Kelvin converges industrial automation and human understanding to convert insights into actions that reduce carbon emissions.

Peter Harding, Founder and CEO of Kelvin will be flying to Abu Dhabi, UAE, to meet with customers and partners at ADIPEC. Peter will be a part of an executive panel at the Decarbonization Conference on day one of the event. Kelvin will also be presenting at the Innovation session on ‘Achieving Net Zero Goals with Industrial Intelligence’.

Speaking about the company’s participation, he said, “The Gulf is home to some of the world’s most ambitious carbon emissions goals. The region is focused on the next generation of sustainability initiatives to help advance and develop its economies. Now is the time to showcase Kelvin’s cutting-edge industrial software that enables energy giants and industrial leaders to boost productivity, reduce operational costs and slash emissions.”

Harding added: “The digital revolution is taking place in the energy markets right now. Kelvin is charting a new path for energy companies to achieve their sustainability goals. We plan to accelerate how companies become more sustainable and reach their net zero goals. As a company that constantly innovates, we provide the necessary tools for organizations to unlock the full potential of their teams through collaborative control.”

The US-headquartered firm will demonstrate Kelvin Carbon Maps, one of the world’s first industrial solutions for optimizing operations to achieve emissions goals. It is a solution that connects vital data and information about production facilities, assets, and processes to engineers and operators.

Kelvin Carbon Maps provides teams with complete visualization in a unified view of their entire operations in real-time. It seamlessly identifies bottlenecks, addresses failures, and provides the information required to take action and improve operations.

The company will also present Kelvin Copilots, a solution that enables organizations to fix problems and take action through optimized applications that improve production processes, provide prescriptive recommendations, and execute control decisions. Kelvin Copilots transform ideas about improving production into actions that achieve real impact on net zero goals.

Kelvin empowers world-class industrial intelligence and is focused on connecting companies to the Next Generation of Industrial Automation for carbon reduction and collaborative control.

“We are delighted to bring our solutions to the Middle East, to help companies prosper in the new energy age, using automation and intelligence to turn data insights into action, driving impactful decisions across organizations.”

Kelvin executives will be available at their booth PC7 in Hall 17 at ADIPEC to meet existing and potential customers and partners and share their global success stories with them.


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