PROVEN Reality and Gulf Medical University sign MoU to promote healthcare education blended with VR


PROVEN Reality, a leading Virtual and Augmented Reality company and the Center for Advanced Simulation in Healthcare, Gulf Medical University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for enhancement of healthcare education through virtual reality solutions.

Through the cooperation and commitment from both parties the future of healthcare education appears to be set to move to the next level of innovation The VR Medical Education Simulation Platform, Simbios, offers students a virtual learning environment where they can go over their medical scenarios, test their skills with pathology and investigations, and conclude their diagnosis as if they were in a real-life environment. The virtual reality devices that they will use simulates the real-life environment without limitation.

“Creating a training program for healthcare professionals in real-life requires a lot of detailing and planning and is time consuming. Every medical practioneer needs their own customized training program and there is one size fits all, solution for their needs,’ said Zaid Mashari, CEO of PROVEN Reality. “By signing this MoU, we are honored to begin the partnership journey with Gulf Medical University, which will help to evolve healthcare education for the better. A virtual and dynamic training environment for future doctors will enable them to be exposed to a more variety of clinical scenarios.”

Along with Simbios PROVEN Reality virtual reality (VR) training software provides a realistic environment for hands-on practice and experiential learning, which will revolutionize medical education. Additionally, it enables teachers to design more individualized training programs that meet the needs and goals of aspiring medical doctor students.

“Partnerships between technology service partners like PROVEN Reality and centres of education like the Center for Advanced Simulation in Healthcare, Gulf Medical University, can help to take medical education to the next level. We have decades of knowledge and practioneers on board while technology players like PROVEN Reality have the skills and the industry knowledge to take this partnership forward,” said Prof Hossam Hamdy Chancellor at Gulf Medical University.

In today’s healthcare environments, the purpose of education is to promote knowledge and skills in clinical practice. However, a lack of clinical practice has made it difficult for students to adjust to real-world environments when they begin practicing. Simulation has proven to be an effective teaching-learning strategy to help maximize efficiency. According to recent studies, virtual reality in healthcare has the potential to bridge the gap between theory and practice, improve safety, and raise educational standards.

Prof. Hossam Hamdy Chancellor from the Gulf Medical University and PROVEN Solutions’ CEO Zaid Mashari signed the MOU on behalf of their respective companies in the presence of Dr. Abdulghaffar Alhawi Head Center for Advanced Simulation in Healthcare, Prof. Manda Venkatramana Vice Chancellor, and Ms Sandhya Arun Training Manager Simulation from the university.

PROVEN Reality is a company of PROVEN Solution a technology company headquartered in Saudi Arabia.

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