Redington and Lenovo collaborate to accelerate innovation and digital transformation


Redington, the leading technology integrator and innovation powerhouse, has announced a strategic partnership with Lenovo, a renowned technology giant. The collaboration will see Redington creating strong go-to-market strategies with its partner ecosystem and delivering offerings from Lenovo’s Solutions and Services Group (SSG) and Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG) to businesses across the Middle East and Africa market.

The partnership leverages the strengths of Redington’s extensive distribution and partner network, and unparalleled services capability coupled with Lenovo’s cutting-edge technology solutions. Together, they aim to deliver a diverse range of solutions and services to meet the evolving needs of businesses and consumers in today’s dynamic tech landscape.

Organizations across sectors are seeking intelligent solutions to thrive in the digital era. Lenovo is optimizing cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, AR/VR, and edge computing, to empower customers fast-track their digital agendas and accelerate productivity.

Redington’s existing partnership with Lenovo on endpoint business has given the company a deep understanding of the Lenovo ecosystem, making the expansion of their partnership to enterprise business a natural progression.

Redington, with its robust services capabilities, is well poised to add unique value to the Lenovo business in the region. The distributor has introduced its own intelligent cloud management platform called CloudQuarks, allowing partners to capitalize on cloud services, customized solutions, best practices all on a single platform. This platform is well-received by the partner community and has seen an increased adoption over the past year.  Redington has also created services under SecureQuarks and DataQuarks – catering to end-to-end cybersecurity and analytics demands respectively, in the market. IoT Quarks by Redington also features Industry 4.0, which is its Smart Factory initiative in collaboration with PTC, a leader in industrial IoT, CAD, PLM and more.

The new partnership will enable better customer support and accelerate the adoption of Lenovo’s intelligent solutions. With Redington’s expertise in the enterprise space and Lenovo’s cutting-edge technologies, the two companies are well-positioned to help customers accelerate their digital transformation journeys.

Both the companies will collaborate on joint initiatives to empower channel partners. This includes training programs, marketing support, and co-branded activities to enhance the capabilities of partners within the ecosystem.

Dharshana Kosgalage, Head of Technology Solutions Group, Redington Middle East and Africa, said, “We are excited to partner with Lenovo, a global technology leader, to co-create the digital future. This key partnership enhances and complements our extensive portfolio of offerings, strengthening our commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our customers. Together, we are poised to explore new horizons and set new benchmarks in the technology distribution landscape.”

Mohammed Hilili, General Manager, Lenovo GULF, said, “As organisations in the region embrace digital transformation it is important for them to collaborate vendors and partners that can address their most critical needs. Our partnership will leverage our strength in innovation and Redington’s robust distribution network to help enterprises deliver on their digital transformation aspirations. To accomplish that, we will provide customers comprehensive solutions that address a wide range of business needs. Our ability to provide integrated solutions that span hardware, software and services will not only be key for our continued growth as a company, but also will benefit our customers and partners who are in need of a trusted advisor to help them navigate through their technology decisions as they pursue transformations of their own.”


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