Veeam enhances its ProPartner Network in EMEA


Veeam® Software, a global leader in Backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management, has enhanced its ProPartner Program for Value-Added Resellers (VARs) across EMEA with an additional multi-million dollar investment. Aligned to Veeam’s 2021 channel strategy, the enhancements will reward partners that demonstrate core competencies and see Veeam strengthen its joint network of VARs, Veeam Cloud & Service Providers (VCSPs) and System Integrators; enable partners to leverage the growing market adoption of subscription licensing; and offer solutions that extend partners’ value proposition to customers.

Veeam’s sales motion, which is 100% through partners, serves all customers through its ProPartner Network. Veeam recognises that the move to cloud architectures and transition to agile OpEx and subscription-based IT is driving substantial change. Modern businesses need more than implementation and require strategic advice, higher levels of service and ongoing consultancy. To support its partners in meeting the changing needs of customers and to accelerate their business and strengthen their revenue, Veeam is driving competencies, simplicity and consistency so partners can ensure customer success and meet their business objectives. Since the initial competencies were introduced in H2’20, 43% of participating partners have already converted their earned points to incentive rebates, which enhances their profitability.

“We conduct 100% of our sales through the channel and our partners are critical to the acceleration of our Act II journey into the hybrid cloud. We are committed to continually investing in our partners, helping them to extend their own customer value propositions and increase profitability,” said Daniel Fried, General Manager (GM) and Senior Vice President (SVP), EMEA, and Worldwide Channels, Veeam. “With customers focused on maximising ROI through digital transformation and de-risking by adding more robust data protection and cybersecurity measures, subscription-based IT will become the norm. The key element will always be the customer. The decisions and investments they make are ultimately based on the advice and actions of the intermediary parts between vendors and them. Veeam is enabling partners to offer higher levels of service beyond just implementation and deliver against these accelerating customer needs in a manner that is commercially viable and helps build stronger, more strategic relationships.”

Key enhancements to the Veeam ProPartner Program for VARs include:

Reinforcing the partner network

To achieve the strategic objective of strengthening its network of tier-1 partners, Veeam is extending the benefits range for VARs, VCSPs and System Integrators on its ProPartner Programs. This will include additional measures designed to help Gold and Platinum partners increase profit margins when selling Veeam, as well as stronger deal registration incentives to reward partner performance and loyalty.

Optimising for subscription-based licensing

Customers are increasingly looking to consume IT services through subscription-based licensing and OpEx pricing models, paying for services as they are used rather than making up-front purchases on a CapEx basis. Veeam is supporting its partners by enabling them to generate higher margins when selling subscription-based services.

VAR and VCSP partnering

Veeam is providing additional support for VARs looking to adopt a hybrid reselling model by partnering with VCSPs — adding some of our VCSP cloud services in their portfolio to better meet their customer’s cloud services requests and generate an additional revenue stream.

Rewarding loyalty and performance

Veeam has introduced two new competencies to its ProPartner Program for VARs: rewarding partners leveraging tools provided through Veeam’s Marketing Centre and those driving deals for specific products within Veeam’s strategic portfolio.

Veeam is also investing in its VARs and distributors via a Management by Objectives (MBOs), rewarding top-performing partners based on a variety of performance-related metrics.

Veeam is introducing a tiering of enterprise partners who will be rewarded among others for their contribution to developing new deals through an influencer fee program.

The revamped program is built with the needs of end-customers in mind and will equip partners to answer accelerating customer demands around digital transformation, data protection and cybersecurity. Furthermore, Veeam will provide additional benefits and protection to partners, as well as reward its top-performing VARs and distributors.

“With the ever-increasing data growth in organizations, it is imperative that our channel ecosystem is delivering the best possible value proposition to end customers. Veeam is a 100 per cent channel business and we take great pride in always ensuring that the ProPartner Network is concurrent with today’s market demands. Our program helps to position simple, flexible, and reliable solutions that facilitate the modernization of IT strategies and architectures alike. For 2021, Veeam has set the stage for partner success and growth on all levels by enabling a highly skilled and engaged local partner landscape. There has never been a better time to join forces with Veeam!” concluded Claude Schuck, Regional Director, Middle East at Veeam.


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