R&M Launches inteliPhy net 3.0


R&M, the globally active developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures, today introduced inteliPhy net 3.0, its software for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), in the Middle East. The latest version of this flagship solution incorporates a host of new features focused on further simplifying data center design, planning, and management via a single, centralized dashboard.

“Improved uptime, enhanced efficiency, and more cost-effective resource planning are all top priorities for data centers managers as the reliance of Middle East business on IT continues to rise,” said Alfred Tharwat, RCDD, Head of Presales, Training and Consultancy at R&M. “With the latest update to inteliPhy net, we have unlocked the ability to capture even more metrics and KPIs, while streamlining and automating the data gathering process. This makes it possible for businesses to gain a higher degree of insight into the performance of their data centers, leading to more informed decision-making regarding resource utilization, upgrades, and expansions.”

inteliPhy net 3.0 contains extensive monitoring functions. The software collects information from Power Distribution Units (PDUs), Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPSs) and other network devices that have an SNMP protocol interface. With its fully scalable system architecture, the software sets no limitations on the number of objects that can be managed. inteliPhy net 3.0 makes it easy to specifically select the most relevant data, display it clearly and raise an alarm in case an error or a precondition, such as excessive power consumption in a rack, is met. These alarms are displayed in the DCIM Client Graphical User Interface (GUI) and can be configured to trigger email notifications. Configurable dashboard widgets and other features allow users to handle data in new ways.

Furthermore, users can create their own metamodels with inteliPhy net 3.0. A metamodel can represent a pre-configured device with various plug-in cards or a completely assembled and wired cabinet. One simple step is all it takes to integrate a complete metamodel into an existing data center. The time-consuming construction of cabinets from individual components is no longer necessary.

inteliPhy net 3.0 also contains tools with which Optical Distribution Frames (ODF) can be configured and visualized. This function is suitable for planning the setup of 19” and ETSI-based meet-me rooms.

To aid data center planning and administration, inteliPhy net 3.0 offers comprehensive work order management capabilities. These include planning and generating work orders within the GUI, emailing work orders to installers, and time planning of work orders using Gantt charts. Work orders generated by the software include details of the individual tasks and bill of materials required, and the system allows dependencies to be set up which ensures proper execution of sequential processes.

A powerful global search function for quickly finding specific devices rounds out the feature set of inteliPhy net 3.0, optimized both in terms of performance and ease of use.

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