Dataiku and PwC bring practical AI solutions to regulated industries


Dataiku and PwC have announced a strategic alliance to enhance data and AI decision-making within regulated industries. The collaboration merges PwC’s expertise in AI, Cloud, Data and Analytics and industry knowledge with Dataiku’s advanced analytics and AI (including Generative AI) capabilities. With Dataiku’s centralized and governed AI platform and PwC’s services, including its Responsible AI Framework, organizations can take advantage of advanced solutions to meet evolving needs in the age of AI.

Industries with stringent regulations, such as financial services and energy, want to harness the power of AI but need to proactively manage the associated risks and assess the cost-benefit tradeoff. With this alliance, they can do both providing a robust foundation for innovation and risk management within the enterprise. This is emphasized by the recent recognition of Dataiku named as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide AI Governance Platforms 2023 Vendor Assessment[1] and PwC named as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Services 2023 Vendor Assessment. By delivering responsible and scalable AI deployments, the partnership is uniquely positioned to meet the rigorous compliance and governance standards required in highly regulated sectors.

Empowering a Diverse Workforce With AI

Dataiku and PwC are committed to democratizing AI across organizational roles to make tools and insights accessible beyond traditional data science functions. This initiative leverages Dataiku’s Everyday AI philosophy and PwC’s Generative AI strategy to equip all teams with the ability to leverage AI insights to increase innovation and drive organizational growth.

“Our mission is to bring practical AI solutions, including the transformative potential of Generative AI, to more customers. Our prior work with PwC has shown that together our strengths can solve real-world business issues. The goal of this partnership is to create a wider impact that bridges the gap between business acumen and technical expertise,” said David Tharp, SVP of ecosystems and alliances at Dataiku. “By democratizing AI, it becomes a tool for empowerment across the entire workforce.”

“Generative AI provides a significant opportunity for firms to drive a more agile and informed technological transformation,” declared Peter El Khoury, Digital Partner at PwC. “Leveraging Dataiku’s AI platform, which incorporates Generative AI technologies, and our deep-seated cross-sector expertise, our alliance enables us to deliver solutions that not only meet compliance demands but institute a path for tomorrow’s innovations.”

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