Zoho and Telr partner to help SMEs in MENA with digital transformation


Zoho Corp., a leading global technology company and Telr, a leading payment gateway provider in the Middle East, today announced their partnership, which aims to promote the digital economy by providing small and medium enterprises in the MENA region access to enterprise-grade technology from both the companies.
As part of the recently signed MoU, Zoho will provide Telr customers access to its diverse portfolio of 55+ applications at a special rate. This will enable them to move all their business operations—from sales and marketing to finance and HR—to the cloud.

Zoho users can utilise Telr integration from Zoho Marketplace to process payments and scale their operations across various geographies. The integration will enable businesses in countries across the MENA region, including UAE, KSA Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain to accept payments in over 120 currencies. This will, in turn, help the transition towards a digital economy in line with local governments’ long-term vision to increase e-commerce’s contribution to the economy.
“SMEs often operate on tight margins and can be vulnerable to cash flow disruptions. Our integration with Telr will enable a secure and seamless payment collection that eliminates friction and reduces payment processing time and cost,” said Hyther Nizam, President of Middle East and Africa (MEA) at Zoho. “Zoho’s broad range of secure payment options helps merchants maintain a smooth customer experience, increase payment processing efficiency and boost revenue. At the same time, we will enable Telr’s customers to leverage our unified solutions to grow their businesses online.”

Khalil Alami, Founder & CEO of Telr, said: “We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Zoho. This partnership marks a new chapter for Zoho users, providing them with access to our outstanding services and various payment methods, including all local payments, thus ensuring secure transactions for every merchant’s customer.” Alami added: “Together, we’re propelling the region towards a digital economy in harmony with government objectives. This partnership underscores our unwavering commitment to supporting SMEs in their journey to success.”

Zoho and Telr will additionally organise a series of joint workshops, training programmes and product roadshows for customers across the region to empower them to smoothly navigate the shift to fully digitalised, cashless operations.

Telr’s one-stop-shop approach encompasses a wide range of services for the e-commerce sector, including secure payment options, real-time monitoring, and specialized business solutions. Telr also introduced Telr Split Payments, a service through which the reconciliation processes for UAE merchants are simplified. Telr also launched Telr Finance to offer quick access to business capital. These services make Telr a trusted partner for e-commerce enterprises by simplifying merchants’ processes and ensuring seamless transactions.

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