Dataiku to showcase ‘Everyday AI’ platform at GITEX Global 2022


Dataiku, the platform for Everyday AI, today announced it will participate at GITEX Global 2022, and will showcase how its Data Science Studio (DSS) can enable organizations across the Middle East to make “Everyday AI” a reality.

A Dataiku-commissioned YouGov study from earlier this year conducted in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region showed that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) leads its EMEA peers in the leverage of data, data science and artificial intelligence (AI). UAE respondents were the most convinced of data’s utility, with 84% considering it essential compared with the EMEA average of 69%.

But this positive reception for AI is not evenly distributed, with a clear gap emerging between managerial and non-managerial employees. While 71% of UAE managers say their use of data in daily work has increased over past five years and 73% believe their use of data will continue to increase over the next five years, only 44% of non-managers say they have used more data over the same period and a mere third expect to use more in the coming five years.

“We can see in the [YouGov] findings the need for a democratization of AI that will drive universal buy-in and organization-wide innovation,” said Sid Bhatia, Regional Vice President & General Manager for the Middle East and Turkey at Dataiku. “Everyday AI is a culture of inclusion in which the use of data becomes second nature to every employee, from boardroom executives on down. UAE organizations have shown themselves to be masters of culture change for the sake of innovation and we expect to see Everyday AI taking root here quickly.”

Dataiku’s main GITEX showcase will be its end-to-end Data Science Studio (DSS) platform, which systemizes AI and turns businesses into AI creators. Easy-to-use, unified, collaborative interfaces allow every business role to gain access to data and leverage it to add value. Efficient pipelines allow rapid prototyping, testing, and deployment, shrinking times to market for AI applications to as little as a week. And a centralized but global architecture grants flexibility to teams while maintaining good governance.

The company will also show how DSS supports the workforce in becoming AI-savvy. The platform supports data scientists, data engineers, and coders but also supports business users, who can use low- or no-code tools to become autonomous citizen developers, allowing better day-to-day decisions with data without the need to always consult or collaborate with technical staff. At GITEX, Dataiku experts will conduct demos and workshops for both technical and non-technical users on how they can add value for their organization as part of a culture of Everyday AI.

More than 500 companies worldwide use Dataiku’s platform to systemize the use of data, analytics, and AI, driving a wide range of use cases, from fraud detection and customer-churn prevention to predictive maintenance and supply-chain optimization. In the UAE, the company has worked with the likes of Etihad Airways, ADNOC and more.

“We have quickly established ourselves as a regional leader in the machine-learning and AI space,” Bhatia said. “As the premier technology conference in the region, GITEX gives us a tremendous opportunity to meet with customers and lay out the value proposition that sets us apart in an industry that is moving increasingly towards no code, an area in which we specialize.”


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