RNS ranked 122 in the top global 250 MSSPs


MSSP Alert — who provides business-building guidance to more than 100,000 IT service providers has declared RNS Technology Services on the 122nd rank amongst the World’s Top Managed Security Service Providers. Compare to their debut position at 150th in 2021, this achievement has brought RNS a yet another recognition this year.

Currently, RNS has Global Delivery Centers in India and the Philippines for better coverage and reduced response time. Global Delivery Center (GDC) is the dedicated hub for detecting new threats, planning mitigation strategies and responding to incidents. This is a game changer for the customers looking to maximize their ROI.

RNS’s prime focus is to provide organizations a fighting opportunity that’s affordable to focus on their core business and enhance their skillset for achieving depth and mastery of their own domain while RNS enhance their security posture and digital footprint.

“Being recognized amongst the global greats for the second time in a row is a testament to the expertise, perseverance and growth RNS has undertaken for our Cyber defenders and customers. Our focus remains to be counted amongst the best in the world and for this we will endeavor to strive for excellence, ” said Samir Chopra – Founder and CEO at RNS Technology Services.

RNS has key partners with state-of-the-art technology vendors, combined with aiSIEM and aiXDR, a comprehensive cybersecurity management platform that visualizes, detects, and eliminates threats in real-time, with continuous security posture improvement, compliance monitoring and reporting and policy management.

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