Steady on the growth curve


Jose Thomas Menacherry, Managing Director of Bulwark discusses the company’s participation at GISEC and some key trends of the  evolving cyberthreat landscape

Discuss your participation at this year’s GISEC

This was the 13th edition of GISEC and we have been a participant at GISEC for past several editions now. We are in the 25th year of our operations. While we celebrate the silver jubilee year of our operations, we continue to be fully focused on cybersecurity and email security as we have all these past years since the beginning.

We participated with 12 of our vendors at this year’s show including public-key infrastructure (PKI) solutions from Nexus, inside threat management solutions, cloud email security with Mimecast, mobile application security from AppKnox , web security solutions from Invicti, SendQuick IT Alert and Notification Solutions, NAC Solutions from ScopeNet and so on.

How do you work with your vendors towards participation at events like GISEC

We have 30-plus vendors in our portfolio while we participated at GISEC with 12 of these. We start the process of participation well in advance and contact our vendors and then those who are interested join us at the booth every year. We always see a good footfall at GISEC and quality enquiries which gives value to our participation each year.


What are the emerging areas of focus from a distributor’s point of view?

There is a lot of opportunity that we see in cloud security with increased and accelerated cloud migration by enterprises. Remote workspace security is another domain where we have partnered with Accops and this will continue to rise as work from home could be an increasing option  for many.


Do you focus on OT security? What is the outlook for this area of focus?

Some of our solutions do cover OT security. OT security is a growing area. There is a lot of buzz around smart cities, self-driving cars etc. Such systems can be taken advantage of by cyber-criminals. So securing such environments or systems will be a crucial priority ahead. We will be enhancing our focus in this domain.


What is the demand in the mobile application security space?

Banks, government agencies, hospitality sector are coming up with super apps that make it easy for their users to access their services. There is a rising demand for such user-friendly applications as everything is increasingly done on mobile. So securing data and applications on the mobile is quite a high-priority focus. We are helping address this need with solutions from companies like AppKnox.

How are the Saudi operations shaping up?

We have had an office in Saudi for the past 2 years. We have added more people there and continue to see growth in sales. While we have a separate country head for Saudi, support systems are shared between the UAE and Saudi as the UAE continues to be the hub for regional operations.

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