Revolutionizing Remote Access for Secure & Efficient Digital Workspaces


Vijender Yadav, Co-founder, MD and CTO at Accops discusses how their solutions enhance security, simplify management and improve scalability

What are the solutions offered by Accops to secure remote/hybrid workforce?

At Accops, we understand the unique challenges presented by today’s remote and hybrid workforce. Our Digital Workspace suite is designed to transform traditional work models, offering a comprehensive, integrated solution that ensures secure access to all applications and virtual desktops.

This suite not only caters to various users, devices, and access profiles but also enables organizations to operate seamlessly across borders.

Our Access Gateway stands out, offering secure, contextual access to network resources, with robust endpoint security and Data Loss Prevention. In parallel, our Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution fortifies defenses against security breaches with strong multi-factor authentication, ensuring both security and ease of access.

Accops VDI plays a critical role in securely delivering business applications to any device, supporting both productivity and flexibility in remote work settings.

In essence, Accops is not just about securing the remote workforce; we empower it, enabling businesses to adeptly handle the complexities of remote work without sacrificing security, compliance, or productivity.

Discuss the focus on zero trust security in your solutions suite?

Accops’ ZTNA-based remote access solution revolutionizes secure connectivity by offering contextual access with advanced endpoint security and dynamic Data Loss Prevention. Since 2012, we’ve pioneered the shift from broad Layer-3 VPNs to precise Layer-4/7 application tunnel-based access, enhancing security in vendor access and BYOD scenarios. Our solution, known for its robust device binding and compliance checks, has led many organizations to migrate from traditional VPNs to our more efficient solution.

Tailored to diverse users and devices, our technology supports borderless operations, leveraging a dynamic risk-based assessment engine that adjusts access controls in real-time according to varying risk levels. This approach not only bolsters security but also ensures a smooth user experience, exemplifying Accops’ commitment to leading the evolution in remote access technology for modern, secure work environments.

How do you help consolidate the distributed end-user application infrastructure?

Accops streamlines the distributed end-user application infrastructure by centralizing and virtualizing application access. Our end-user computing virtualization solution enables seamless delivery of applications and desktop environments to any device, effectively isolating business applications from endpoints. This approach not only enhances security but also simplifies management and improves scalability. By consolidating resources, we reduce the complexity and costs associated with managing multiple application delivery systems, providing a unified, efficient infrastructure that supports the diverse needs of modern enterprises.

What is Accops HySecure?

Accops HySecure is a sophisticated Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) gateway that facilitates secure, context-aware access to enterprise applications and network services. It integrates advanced endpoint security and on-the-go Data Loss Prevention features, ensuring secure access across various devices and locations. HySecure stands out for its ability to provide a seamless and secure user experience, enabling organizations to manage remote access efficiently while adhering to stringent compliance and security standards.

Discuss your focus in the Middle East and your partner strategy for the region?

Accops operates as a channel-centric company, with partners being integral to our go-to-market (GTM) approach globally, including in the Middle East (ME). We closely collaborate with local partners, utilizing their regional insights to effectively tailor our solutions as per the customers’ needs. This strategy ensures strong market penetration and improved customer service. Additionally, we bolster our partners’ expertise by offering comprehensive training and certification on Accops products, equipping resellers to excel in the increasingly remote work landscape. Our focus on partner training and certification is central to ensuring a high-quality customer experience and reinforces our commitment to both market growth and service excellence.

How do you view your partnership with Bulwark?

Our partnership with Bulwark has significantly contributed to Accops’ expansion in the Middle East. As a key Value-Added Distributor based in Dubai, Bulwark has been pivotal in marketing, selling, and supporting our entire product range. Impressively, a considerable number of our current clients in the region have been acquired through this collaboration. Leveraging Bulwark’s deep regional expertise and operational excellence, we have significantly enhanced our channel footprint and market penetration. Our collaborative efforts in partner outreach and customer campaigns have not only garnered new clients but also strengthened our position in strategic markets. Motivated by this success, we are now poised to replicate this growth model in more markets and accounts across the Middle East, aiming to meet the increasing demand for Secure Remote Work solutions, and to cater to a broader enterprise spectrum with our innovative solutions.


What were the highlights of your participation at Black Hat?

Accops’ participation at Black Hat was marked by significant achievements in branding and market outreach. We focused on establishing our presence in a relatively new market, successfully connecting with potential partners and customers. A key aspect was spreading awareness about sustainability and technology advancements to the community.

Engagements with end customers and potential partners provided valuable insights into the cybersecurity priorities of organizations in the region. We also gained a deeper understanding of local compliance requirements specific to various industries, such as SAMA for the BFSI segment and SARC, CCC for manufacturing.

This experience was instrumental in understanding market trends and assessing the market’s maturity, setting the stage for Accops to tailor our solutions and strategies to meet the region’s specific needs and expectations.

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