Iron Mountain reconfirms investment in the UAE with further expansion


Iron Mountain added exclusive storage solutions in the UAE, including the region’s only oxygen reduction system for storing paper records

Iron Mountain Incorporated, the storage and information management services company enabling digital transformation, reconfirms investment in the UAE with further expansion in Dubai. Since launching in the UAE in 2017, Iron Mountain has been on a bold expansion drive, undertaking a number of acquisitions to grow footprint, staff, services and products for customers in the UAE.

With the fourth and most recent acquisition of Glenbeigh Records Management, Iron Mountain added exclusive storage solutions in the UAE, including the region’s only oxygen reduction system for storing paper records. Providing Iron Mountain’s portfolio of customers with the ultimate level of fire prevention and protection for records and data, the service is prevalent with banks, insurance companies and government entities who need to store sensitive data. Actively working to prevent the ignition of a fire, the system lowers the levels of oxygen in the document storage centre and ensures there are insufficient levels of oxygen to sustain a fire, extinguishing it quickly to protect files.

“The UAE is a priority market for Iron Mountain and we are constantly working to strengthen our local presence to better serve both existing and future customers,” said Cenker Ozhelvaci, Vice President of Emerging Markets, Managing Director of Iron Mountain Turkey and UAE. “We recognize the opportunity in the UAE, not only in physical records storage and management, but in the rapid and widespread digitization across the country with government and private businesses. Iron Mountain is committed to bringing the latest innovative digital and physical solutions to provide a best-in-class customer experience, as evidenced by the oxygen reduction storage vault.”

In 2020 alone, Iron Mountain quadrupled its storage capacity across five facilities in Dubai and now boasts the largest storage vault in the region. The acquisition also increased Iron Mountain’s workforce to a combined team of over 200 resources, ensuring the brand meets the expectations of the extensive client roster.

Offering over 30 services and solutions, Iron Mountain supports clients through the entire information lifecycle from creating content, digitisation, using and pulling insights, storing and ultimately destroying content. Iron Mountain’s services bridge both physical and digital solutions, delivering on every client need.

Transforming businesses into agile and digitally mature operators, Iron Mountain offers a number of solutions to address the ever-evolving and increasingly digital business environment. By employing solutions like Workflow Automation, Scanning & Imaging, Data Protection and Consultancy & Advisory Services in Information Governance, Retention and Privacy Management, Iron Mountain empowers business to focus on core business processes while accelerating the transition to a more digital workplace.

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