PurpleCube announces partner program and tie-up with Qarar to deliver analytics as a service


PurpleCube, one of the region’s first fully integrated secure, scalable and cost-effective analytics as a service data platform (AaaS), fuelled by artificial intelligence and machine learning, recently announced the launch of its very own Partner Program. The state-of-the-art program will offer businesses a world-class ecosystem of technology, incentives and support to help them stand out in today’s competitive Data & Analytics industry. This news came shortly after the official commercial launch of PurpleCube’s highly anticipated end-to-end AaaS platform, available now to companies worldwide, which was also succeeded with a recent partnership with one of the region’s leading decision analytics companies, Qarar.

The PurpleCube Partner Program is aimed at delivering multiple benefits, including sales and technical enablement certification tracks for channel partners; and exceptional profit and growth opportunities in key markets supported by a comprehensive partner team of partner sales managers, sales engineers and expert marketing professionals.

The PurpleCube Partner Program is eligible for companies who promote innovative and industry-leading solutions in their range of technology products and service offerings. The PurpleCube AaaS solution and partner program come at an ideal time in the technology industry, based on the latest market insights from Inc.com, which states that: “The global Analytics as a Service market size is expected to grow by $12.1B by 2024, at a CAGR of 23.2%.” The need for enterprises to adopt advanced analytical capabilities with minimal infrastructure, cost-effectiveness offered by AaaS providers and increasing demand to adopt cloud-based data visualisation tools to enhance decision-making are driving the growth of the AaaS market. Through its Partner Program, PurpleCube acknowledges official partners through its three-tier system, recognising partner achievements through Silver, Gold and Platinum partner statuses – for which companies will receive an official badge.

One of PurpleCube’s latest partnerships is with Qarar, the region’s leading decision analytics company, specialising in consultancy, data analytics and software technology to develop customer management and automation solutions individually, tailored to suit the needs of each business. Qarar prides itself in offering a variety of solutions to suit your every business need — whether it is analytics, advisory, or software. Qarar also offers the added opportunity to harness credit bureau data-driven solutions for different businesses’ needs.

Commenting on the most recent partnership between PurpleCube and Qarar, Zaid Kamhawi, CEO of Qarar, said: “At Qarar we passionately believe that organisations can extract increasing value from their existing ever-growing digital data assets. PurpleCube brings to our customers ‘all-in-one’ data management and analytics capabilities available under a single platform which delivers immediate value across various industries.

“Qarar’s consultative approach is to help customers unlock potential in their data by helping them build sustainable and scalable information management processes, coupled with all of the tools that enable widespread and intuitive accessibility. Becoming a PurpleCube partner will allow us to better support our customers by helping them discover the immense business value that is very often locked away from those who can benefit from it the most,” he added.

“Our platform brings the power of data management and advanced analysis to non-technical users in a way that is as easy as finding information on Google, and PurpleCube’s artificial intelligence engine generates insights on questions that the end-user may not even have thought about,” commented Raheel Khan, VP for Sales, Strategy, and Partnerships at Edgematics. “By combining PurpleCube’s one-of-a-kind technology with Qarar’s matured Consulting practices, we will help organisations realise value more quickly from their investments in their data assets. We are excited to leverage Qarar’s expertise to help our joint customers in the region across various vertical industries transform how they utilise data,” he added.

PurpleCube provides an end-to-end AaaS solution allowing companies to go from Data Discovery to Actionable Analytics in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours, days and even weeks. PurpleCube achieves this through three key pillars in the Data Analytics journey: Prepare, Analyse and Predict. The platform enables data engineers to connect their data from more than 150+ supported data sources to PurpleCube’s secure Cloud Data Warehouse, and allows them to prepare, cleanse and transform their data for onboarding through its intuitive PurpleCube Studio module for data integration. Taking it one step further to reduce time to insights – PurpleCube offers the option of pre-built data templates and pre-modeled BI and AI dashboards across multiple industries – reducing the complexity and time to go from Data Discovery to Actionable Analytics. Once the data is connected, Business Analysts can build interactive visual dashboards and reports through the PurpleCube Analytics module – leveraging Search and AI-Driven analytics to find answers instantly using Google-like natural language search to scale through millions of rows of data in seconds – which will drive faster business decisions. The built-in AI and machine learning engine also analyses data behind the scenes identifying metrics, and through its Smart Insights and Suggestions feature – delivering answers to questions managers or employees didn’t even think to ask. For more mature organisations, PurpleCube also provides the PurpleCube Data Science module for data scientists – an AI/ML environment for building and training AI models using R/Python for predictive analysis and forecasting.

PurpleCube is now available to global companies looking for an all-in-one analytics solution to fulfil their data analytics needs and business use cases in the most flexible and cost-effective way. Platform demos can be requested through the PurpleCube website. The experts at PurpleCube host monthly webinars and bi-weekly hands-on virtual labs to educate and enable both technical and non-technical users on the power of using Advanced Analytics and Data Science within their respective organisations.

Global companies can join PurpleCube’s Partner Program by submitting an application for review by the PurpleCube team at www.purplecube.ai/partner. Once reviewed, more information about the program and next steps to becoming a PurpleCube Partner will be shared with companies who applied.

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