Zain Kuwait awarded best B2C & Marketplace for its innovative digital experiences by Liferay


Liferay Inc., the leading provider of digital platforms that creates enterprise-level, cloud powered optimized digital experiences to accelerate innovation awarded Zain Kuwait, the flagship operation of the regional telecom innovator as ‘Best B2C and marketplace company’ for its innovation driven digital customer experiences.

The award ceremony took place at GITEX Global 2022 attended by Daaij Al Oud, Zain Kuwait Network Engineering Director, and Moussalam Dalati, General Manager, Middle East and Africa, Liferay who recognized the telecom provider’s success in leveraging innovative technologies to elevate customer experience capabilities.

With a longstanding partnership since 2016 between both companies, the award recognizes Zain’s future enabled efforts in web content management, search results, integration across applications, and more. Utilizing state-of-the-art digital services through Liferay’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP), the collaboration with Zain has created an innovative approach in adopting cloud services which have become integral to digitally advanced societies. With upgraded end-to-end customer lifecycle experiences and data-driven personalization in a connected and secure environment, Zain has enhanced its expertise and capabilities to take its customer experience to the next level.

Daaij Al Oud, Zain Kuwait Network Engineering Director, stated, “As a frontrunner in the telecom industry, we consider it our responsibility to elevate customer experiences using latest and relevant technologies. Our relationship with Liferay contributed to the success of our comprehensive development strategy of providing best products and services, paving the way for a digital society and a knowledge economy.”

With the focus on the oncoming 6G technology and its innumerable benefits and possibilities, the telecom sector is expected to make strides never imagined in enterprise services. This is certain to enhance Zain’s value proposition in addition to its high-level performance and reliability available across the region.

Moussalam Dalati, General Manager, Liferay Middle East and Africa said, “Zain is a forward-thinking organization and this vision and philosophy also aids the progress of its customers using its enterprise solutions. In the last five years alone, we have witnessed massive transformative developments that have supported the enterprise growth of Zain’s customers. We are extremely pleased to honor them and their efforts with this special award in contributing to industry growth, thereby leading the way for accelerated transformation through an agile and sustainable customer journey model in this dynamic business landscape. With Liferay’s open-source, flexible and scalable solution on cloud and on prem, customers of Zain will continue to enjoy unified, seamless and delightful experiences.”

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