Focusing on risk management


Darren Craig, CEO, RiskXchange speaks to CXO DX about how the company’s solution focuses on managing risks across attack surfaces.

Discuss the solution you offer.

We provide a Risk Management platform that covers security vulnerabilities, security configuration challenges as well as compliance issues. Our solution helps monitor all cybersecurity vulnerabilities continuously. We also enable them to deploy a compliance assessment program for the organization. We also enable them to carry out the same compliance and security checks across their supply chain.

It is a SaaS-based solution and can be run from a browser. They will have all the analytics on the dashboard and the customer will get all alerts if they have security issues in their systems or if there are any vulnerabilities at their supplier end.

Elaborate about the use case scenarios for your solutions

The supply chain is one of our large focus areas and use-case scenarios. That of because 42% of security breaches come in through the supply chain. One of the other use cases is digital risk protection. So that includes the discovery of cybersquatting threats,  leakage of digital corporate credentials across attack surfaces, and dark web monitoring. RiskXchange Account Takeover Prevention system can detect and alert these corporate credential exposures to enable infiltration into the company’s accounts and systems using the stolen credentials.

If a company wants to monitor the dark web for instance, related to intellectual property infringements, we can do that for them automatically. The threat could like someone wanting to copy their website, which commonly happens a lot in the case of e-commerce websites. The RiskXchange Impersonation Protection system continuously monitors your domains and issues alerts in case of brand impersonation, thus enabling you to take immediate action and prevent any reputational damage or financial loss. RiskXchange Dark Web Monitoring system delivers accurate, actionable, configurable alerts to identify and prevent threats before they impact your business.

Our platform also offers digital asset discovery. We enable attack surface management across all digital assets of the customer with complete visibility into everything owned, including IP addresses, domains, certificates, and cloud assets. We constantly monitor these assets, bring their attention to vulnerabilities and also tell them how to fix them.

How is the demand for these solutions in the region?

We are seeing demand with enterprises that are concerned about their external cybersecurity posture. We are also seeing a growing demand for 3rd party and 4th-party risk management. Traditionally organizations didn’t have a way to manage these risks. They may have had a spreadsheet for instance to do that, which didn’t serve the purpose as it was not often validated and was done once at the end of a year typically. That can now be replaced with our automated platform that 24 by 7 monitors and discovers all vulnerabilities, checks for compliance for all well known compliance standards in the region as well as globally.

Elaborate on your operations in the region and focus?

We set up operations here just over a year ago and around the same time, partnered with Bulwark. We are looking to strengthen brand awareness with more customers here. We have a good number of large customers worldwide and likewise want to replicate the growth here.



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