Eaton establishes strategic partnership with Saudi Business Machines as IT Systems Integrator for Saudi Arabia


Eaton, the Intelligent power management company, announced the signing of a significant partnership agreement with Saudi Business Machines (SBM) to serve as their exclusive IT systems integrator for Saudi Arabia. SBM, recognized as one of the largest systems integrators in the Kingdom, specializes in data centers and mission-critical infrastructure. This collaboration will enable Eaton to leverage SBM’s extensive reach and expertise to deliver comprehensive data center solutions, catering exclusively to the rapidly growing market in Saudi Arabia.

With a strong presence and close connections to both public and private sectors, SBM has gained a reputable position as a trusted provider of cutting-edge IT solutions. According to recent reports, the data center market in Saudi Arabia is experiencing robust growth, which is expected to reach a value of $2.08 billion by 2028 from $1.31 billion in 2022, growing at a CAGR of 7.98% from 2022-2028. This market trend underscores the significance of this partnership in addressing the growing demands for reliable and efficient power management solutions in data center infrastructure.

SBM’s specialized focus on data centers and mission-critical infrastructure positions them as a key player in a market. Additionally, their extensive customer base across various sectors including government, finance, telecommunications, and healthcare, reinforces their status as a trusted partner in delivering end-to-end solutions tailored to unique customer requirements.

Eaton’s comprehensive data center portfolio, including advanced power distribution, backup power, and monitoring solutions, is designed to enhance infrastructure reliability, efficiency, and sustainability. With the expansive market reach and established networks of SBM, customers in Saudi Arabia will benefit from access to Eaton’s industry-leading technologies, specifically tailored to address the specific challenges faced by the data center industry in the region.

“We are delighted to be partnering with SBM as our latest IT sytems integrator for Saudi Arabia,” said Ashraf Yehia, Managing Director, Eaton Middle East. “The market potential in Saudi Arabia is immense, and through this collaboration, we aim to provide state-of-the-art power management solutions that empower organisations to unlock their full potential in the digital landscape.”

In collaboration with SBM, Eaton will leverage their joint capabilities to provide comprehensive solutions that meet the specific requirements of Saudi Arabian data center customers. This strategic partnership will play a pivotal role in driving the advancement of the Kingdom’s digital infrastructure and reinforcing its position as a regional technology hub.

Ammar Al Horani, Data Centre Practice Leader, Eaton Middle East said: “Eaton and SBM are committed to delivering world-class service, innovative technologies, and holistic solutions that empower organizations to achieve their digital ambitions. This alliance marks the beginning of an exciting journey to transform Saudi Arabia’s data center landscape and deliver exceptional value to customers across various sectors.”

Hassona Al Quraan, Vice President Infrastructure and Netwok Technology, SBM said: “We come together to acknowledge the immense importance of this partnership and the transformative power it holds.  The world of data centers is a dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape, where the demand for innovative solutions and services continues to surge. By forging this partnership with Eaton, we are not only solidifying our commitment to each other but also positioning ourselves at the forefront of this industry. Together, we possess the collective strength, expertise, and resources to not only meet the growing demands of the market but to surpass them.”

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