DigiGlass by Redington and Sectrio partner to offer managed security services


DigiGlass by Redington, managed security services brand of Redington, a leading technology integrator and innovation powerhouse and Sectrio, a global leader in IoT and OT security solutions, cyber threat intelligence and managed security services today announced a strategic tie-up to deliver end-to-end OT managed security services to customers across the globe.

The collaboration between DigiGlass by Redington and Sectrio marks a significant milestone in the industry, as both companies combine their expertise to address the growing IoT and OT cybersecurity challenges faced by businesses in the Middle East. By combining DigiGlass by Redington’s extensive experience in meeting the digital transformation needs of businesses and Sectrio’s cutting-edge OT security solutions and security services, the partnership will fortify businesses against evolving threats and provide them with proactive defense measures.

As per Sectrio’s IoT and OT Threat Landscape Assessment and Analysis Report, cyberattacks on critical infrastructure globally grew by a staggering 188 percent in 2022. Such a rapid rise of sophisticated cyberattacks has clearly underscored the critical need for robust security frameworks and institutional security enhancement interventions. This strategic alliance empowers DigiGlass and Sectrio to offer MDR and SOCaaS along with a robust suite of managed security services to help prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats.

With the joint focus on Security Operations Centers and managed security, organizations will benefit from advanced threat intelligence, continuous monitoring, incident response, and vulnerability management.

Highlights of the partnership include:

  • DigiGlass and Sectrio will set up the first dedicated OT SOC in the GCC region
  • In addition to Sectrio’s security solutions, this partnership will bring Sectrio’s extensive experience in establishing SOCs to the Middle East
  • Ramp up secure Industry 4.0 adoption in the region
  • The regional SOC will ensure local data retention thereby complying with various emerging data localization requirements
  • SMEs will now be able to leverage security resources with improved RoI through shared tools and resources
  • With rising investments in critical infrastructure in the region, governments will now have a ready option available to scale up their OT cybersecurity initiatives

Dharshana Kosgalage, Head of Technology Solutions Group, Redington MEA, said, “The increasing use of IoT and OT devices in critical infrastructures has created a new and dangerous wave of security challenges. Organizations must take immediate action to proactively defend their devices from sophisticated cyberattacks. DigiGlass by Redington’s latest partnership with Sectrio will offer our vast ecosystem of partners an opportunity to position cutting-edge IoT and OT security solutions for customers to protect their industrial environments. We look forward to working closely with our channel partner network to take this collaboration to new and unprecedented levels.”

Kiran Zachariah, VP Digital Security and BU Head, Sectrio said, “Sectrio and DigiGlass have forged a strategic partnership aimed at extending world-class and proven OT security services to organizations. Leveraging our collective expertise, we are fully equipped to deliver end-to-end value at scale, offering comprehensive OT security solutions irrespective of a business’ stage in the adoption curve. The synergies between our organizations are highly complementary, strategically positioning us to address the increasing demand for IoT and OT security. This market is projected to reach $10 billion by 2027.”


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