A quantum jump in patient care


Finesse is deploying Automation Anywhere’s RPA solutions at Zulekha Hospital to automate the process of insurance eligibility checks of patients. The deployment is expected to have a significant impact in terms of enhancing operational efficiencies of the hospital.

Finesse, a leading digital transformation solutions provider in the region is deploying an automated process for elevating the insurance eligibility administrative process experience at Zulekha Hospitals, one of the well-known healthcare facilities in the UAE. The solution is being deployed using Automation Anywhere, a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

The deployment of RPA solutions will help the hospital to automate the many manu-al and repetitive tasks that slow down the entire administrative process of insurance eligibility, by quickly extracting insightful information and delivering error free results. In fact, it is expected that as much as 30% of insurance processes or more will be automated in the near future and is a key aspect to be addressed as part of digital transformation efforts at healthcare facilities. The current investment in RPA are in line with the Zulekha group’s strong intent to continue playing a pivotal role in delivering quality healthcare in the UAE.

“With the aim of providing quality healthcare services to patients, Zulekha Hospital has implemented various technologies and is continuously seeking newer ways to enhance patient experience. In order to boost our capabilities, we are seeking a significant enhancement in our process-es with RPA technologies. The insurance automation will add a new dimension to how we achieve greater efficiencies, ensuring our patients are well taken care of and our employees are focusing on qualitative tasks instead of repetitive ones,” said Taher Shams, Managing Director at Zulekha Healthcare Group.

RPA based automation is indeed being seen as crucial for enhancing process efficiencies in vital sectors like healthcare, allowing the staff to focus on non-repetitive and higher value-adding tasks. The deployment at Zulekha Hospital is expected to likewise unleash a higher a level of productivity optimization. The solution is being deployed at all hospitals of the Zulekha group and will be integrated with their current administrative systems.

Samer Dlikan, Chief Technology Officer at Finesse

“RPA has evolved from being a simple mimicking by robots of repetitive human activities to a highly seamless collabora-tion of human and digital functions. RPA is being deployed at Zulekha Hospitals over the next 45 to 60 days and should be op- erational by early December this year. The deployment is expected to deliver a qualitative shift in the administrative process for eligibility, reducing the waiting time at the counters, especially for hospitals like Zulekha that cater to a large number of patients every day,” said Samer Dlikan, Chief Technology Officer at Finesse.

The deployment is the latest initiative for Zulekha, which has kept pace in terms of leveraging modern technologies for being in the forefront of healthcare facilities.

“Zulekha Healthcare Group has always been at the forefront when it comes to providing advanced medical care for the residents of UAE and medical tourists to the country. Over the past few years, we have invested in several advanced facilities and continuously upgraded our technolo- gy environment. As part of our continued pursuit to ensure leading edge experiences for our patients, we have chosen Finesse to deploy a leading automation platform from Automation Anywhere, for our insurance administrative process. We are certain this initiative will go a long way in simplifying the process and will enhance patient experience by reducing their waiting time,” said Aliasgar Bohari, Director IT at Zulekha Healthcare Group.

The solution will first check with the vari-ous departments on the treatment sought by the patient and with access to the required details, will run through insurance eligibility of the patient for specific treatments across multiple insurance portals. The eligibility checks across portals are run until it gets the confirmation on patient’s eligibility of insurance for the specific treatment.

Bobby Thomas, Delivery Head, Emerging Technologies (RPA, Block- chain), of Finesse

“Currently, insurance validation is done manually by multiple staff at the reception, which is time consuming and require patients to wait at counter till their insurance eligibility check is complete. Since this pro-cess is time consuming and increases patient waiting time, it may lead to patient frustration The automation of this repetitive pro-cess will ensure that the insurance eligibility is checked and validated even before the patient comes to the counter, which will drive greater efficiencies for the hospital in providing a seamless and enhanced experience for its patients, ” said Bobby Thomas, Delivery Head, Emerging Technologies (RPA, Block- chain), of Finesse.

The automated process will be based on Intelligent Automation solution from Automation Anywhere, that has been named a Leader in Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation. Automation Anywhere provides an Intelligent automation platform that is cloud-native and web-based.

Milan Sheth, EVP-IMEA, Automation Anywhere

“Our Bots automate several time consuming, manual intensive, and error-prone processes increasing the overall efficiency of the business. Bots build structure to the vast volume of information lying in the system and makes it accessible for applications to fetch data, thus streamlining business outcome. We are delighted to work with Zulekha Hospitals, a leading name in the healthcare industry within the region and we will be seeking to deliver a solution that will substantially enhance the services offered by the hospital,” said Milan Sheth, EVP-IMEA, Automation Anywhere.

For Finesse, this is yet another milestone in its journey so far as a leading provider of digital transformation solutions for organizations in the region.

Eljo JP, Director & Chief Business Officer, Finesse

“Finesse began its journey a decade ago firmly guided by its vision to positively impact the lives of people around us. Today we are delighted to announce that Team Finesse would be offering our expertise to Zulekha Hospitals as one of the leading RPA implementors in the region. Our experts will be deploying the best in class RPA platform from Automation Anywhere, which will take away all hassles of manually running eligibility checks for insurance coverage across multiple portals. This will substantially elevate the patient experience at the hospitals. We are grateful to Zulekha Hospital for choosing Finesse & Automation Anywhere to be their strategic partner in their digital transformation journey,” said Eljo, Director & Chief Business Officer, Finesse.

The current scenario in the backdrop of the ongoing pandemic has revealed the true worth and the need for digital transformation, such as enabling employees to work remotely in a secure manner and ensuring Business continuity. Healthcare is no exception and in fact the sector stands to gain more from embracing digital transformation in its processes and significantly boost its patient care processes. For Zulekha Hospital, the latest initiative reveals its intent to pursue excellence in its domain with such transformative deployments.

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