Virsec places the spotlight on new deterministic protection platform at GISEC 2022


Virsec, the first cybersecurity company to fully protect software as it is running, has announced their participation at GISEC 2022, to be held from March 21-23, 2022 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, where they will be showcasing their recently launched Deterministic Protection Platform (DPP). DPP is the next evolution of the company’s flagship and award-winning Virsec Security Platform (VSP), the first solution that could eradicate threats to the software workload at runtime in real-time.

With DPP, Virsec will demonstrate how security response can be made obsolete by improving the protection that conventional, probabilistic solutions do not. DPP not only ensures automatic protection against all known and unknown threats to vulnerable workloads, but it also reduces adversary dwell time from minutes to milliseconds, specifically protecting against ransomware, remote code execution, supply chain poisoning, and memory-based attacks – with true protection and runtime observability. Combining the broadest attack coverage and highest accuracy in the industry, DPP by Virsec protects server workloads across the entire runtime stack, eliminating false positives, when deployed on bare metal, virtual machines (VMs), containers, or in the cloud. This deterministic approach to security ensures precision protection for legacy unpatched workloads, reducing, or entirely negating, the need for patching.

“As the largest, most anticipated cybersecurity exhibition in the Arab world, we want to highlight and share our progress at GISEC,” says Bobby Gupta, Senior Vice President and MD of International Business at Virsec. “During the pandemic, we all have witnessed a surge of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, and the rate continues to grow. Organizations are now in need of a solution which can protect both known and unknown vulnerabilities from being exploited – a solution which does not only detect with extreme precision, but also automatically protects – without human intervention.  With DPP, Virsec can establish a stronger foothold in the Middle Eastern market, and we plan to invest in and provide the best in-class cybersecurity to customers in the region.

“We are also looking forward to welcoming our CEO, Dave Furneaux, who will attend the conference this year, where he will engage with key customers and partners,” Gupta adds.

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