RNS launches IntelliAssure, a customized ISO and compliance consultancy service


RNS Technology Services, a leading provider of cyber security solutions and services, has announced the launch of IntelliAssure, a personalized consultancy service for ISO, compliance and information security standards.

RNS understands that businesses operate differently and face unique challenges. As such, the IntelliAssure service is tailored to meet each client’s specific objectives.

“Our team is excited to offer ISO and compliance consultancy services to our clients,” said RNS Technology’s Founder & CEO, Samir Chopra. “We understand the challenges businesses face in navigating complex regulatory frameworks, and our consultants are well equipped with the knowledge and expertise to provide effective services.”

IntelliAssure service is designed to provide businesses with the necessary tools to meet their compliance obligations efficiently. The service includes training and support, which ensures that clients remain compliant with the latest international standards and regulations.

The Middle East market has an acute shortage of knowledge and skills needed to address compliance and information security standards. Hence, whatever little services are available are exorbitantly priced and not up to scratch in terms of quality. RNS aims to be the gold standard to address these gaps and offer our customers the best-in-class services to meet their technology and financial objectives.

RNS Technology Services has been providing cyber security solutions and services for many years and has a proven track record of delivering outstanding results for its clients. With the addition of ISO and compliance consultancy services, RNS is well-positioned to continue its growth and help businesses thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

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