Pure Storage Middle East drives innovation for managed service providers and enterprise customers


Pure Storage, a leading storage as-a-service vendor, is enabling enterprise customers, public sector entities and managed service providers (MSPs) to innovate and do more with their data. Pure is seeing more companies in the region turning to its modern data experience to enable them to be more agile, innovate and drive digital transformation.

Internationally, Pure saw 20% growth in Q2 in extremely challenging market conditions, as announced in Q2 FY2021 financial results. According to IDC’s Q2 2020 enterprise storage tracker, Pure in EMEA grew by 8.4%, far outperforming the overall market which saw a tiny 0.6% growth.

Pure continues to announce regular innovations in its portfolio, including the recent launch of the second generation of FlashArray//C — one of the fastest-growing products in Pure’s portfolio and the first and only enterprise-grade all-QLC flash array. Additionally, FlashBlade, a Unified Fast File and Object (UFFO) storage platform, is helping customers meet today’s challenges including: desire for real-time insight; need to consolidate and re-use data for analytics/AI and increased ransomware attacks.

“The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continue to be key markets for us in the Middle East. Irrespective of which digital technologies organisations are investing in, data is at the core of any transformation effort. We are helping regional organisations access, manage, analyse and secure their data, no matter where they store it,” commented Assaad El Saadi, regional director, Middle East at Pure Storage. “We deliver a Modern Data Experience so customers can digitally transform by enabling multi-cloud use, simplifying and optimising infrastructure and securing data.”

Commenting on the current business environment, James Petter, VP, International said, “We are operating in an unprecedented situation globally and I’m incredibly proud of our teams who continue to deliver solid results that meet customer needs. Pure is helping customers across the Middle East on their digital transformation journeys by enabling them to focus on business outcomes.” 

Metito (UAE) — no lost data and no session timeouts

Metito is a leading global provider of intelligent water management and alternative energy solutions. It has deployed Pure’s technology to improve the performance of its business-critical applications, provide cost predictability, and simplify storage management.

“With the integration of the new infrastructure solution from Pure Storage, a lot of the session timeouts disappeared, allowing a more efficient use of time — users no longer have to restart sessions and/or re-input lost data. We have also achieved a 30 percent improvement in application performance throughput which has resulted in increased productivity and a marked improvement in the overall user-experience,” said Prashant Menon, Metito IT Infrastructure and Support Services Manager.

Institute of Public Administration (KSA) — consistent reliability and performance

Saudi Arabia’s Institute of Public Administration (IPA) is tasked with the continual education of public employees with a view to enhance their efficiency and is responsible for the administrative organization of government departments. IPA is using Pure’s technology to successfully execute on its core objective of training and up-skilling public sector employees.

“With the Pure Storage FlashArray//X50 serving as the backbone of our data-center infrastructure, we are able to get consistent performance and latency across all our workloads. We have managed to eliminate the stumbling blocks that slowed our nomination and admission processes for our clients,” commented Ahmad Al-Jebaly, Director of Networks and Operations Department.

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