Nutanix launches Cloud Bundles for the second year running


Nutanix, a leader in private, hybrid and multicloud computing, today announced that it will continue its successful Cloud Bundles channel initiative for the commercial market segment. The initiative will provide commercial customers with access to Nutanix cloud solutions and hyper-converged infrastructure software. Commercial customers can thus modernise their data centers and IT environments at attractive prices, drive digital transformation and support their business by becoming a faster and more flexible IT organisation. At the same time, distributors will benefit from more flexible options for marketing their offerings via the channel. This is a seamless continuation of the successful initiative previously known as Nutanix Cloud Bundles.

Initially offered in 2020, Nutanix Cloud Bundles help enable commercial customers to simplify the management of their infrastructure, ensure continued business operations and deal with rapidly growing data volumes and the corresponding challenges. That’s because the challenges commercial customers are facing are essentially the same as those faced by large enterprises.

“Accelerated digitisation is one of the key strategies for commercial customers to cope with the economic consequences of the pandemic and ideally to emerge from the crisis stronger than before. However, digitisation is taking place against the background of a general shortage of skilled IT people. For this reason, this is not solely a technology question of obtaining right technology, but also and above all, one of economic efficiency,” emphasizes Aaron White, Sr. Sales Director, METI at Nutanix. “Against this background, automation is the key to make IT teams more flexible and more productive. The role model here is the cloud, but not as a location, rather as an operating model. With our commercial packages, we are bringing the cloud and its operating model to commercial customers more easily and cost-effectively than ever before.”

Nutanix Cloud Bundles help enable commercial companies to manage virtual machines (VM) and containers, files, computing resources, storage capacities and network services in a unified way. With these packages, Nutanix extends the access to its solutions and meets the requirements and budget restrictions of commercial customers.

The packages for medium-sized businesses are available in three different versions:

  • The basic package contains the fundamental building blocks of the Nutanix stack: the enterprise cloud operating system AOS, the AHV hypervisor and the end-to-end management solution Prism.
  • The standard level also includes the file management solution Nutanix Files as well as Prism Pro with its machine learning (ML) management automation capabilities.
  • Commercial customers choosing the advanced level will benefit from the network security and micro-segmentation functionality of Nutanix Flow in addition to the components included in the standard package.

Depending on the selected service level, customers can subscribe to Nutanix software for server infrastructures with 24 (one node or server) to 192 cores (six nodes or servers). Commercial packages are compatible with all hardware platforms certified by Nutanix and include software support for three or five years.

Nutanix Cloud Bundles are aimed exclusively at new customers. Nutanix partners benefit from the same level of marketing support that they would otherwise receive when addressing the enterprise market. New partners who are interested in the Nutanix commercial packages must first register for the Nutanix Partner Program.


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