Midis SI Group acquires MAGNOOS Information Systems LLC


Midis SI Group have announced that in line with their strategy to strengthen their offerings and capabilities as a Digital System Integrator, the Group have completed acquisition of MAGNOOS Information Systems L.L.C, a Value Added Reseller and Technology Implementation company specializing in the Data Management and Analytics, Service Management and Automation software solutions industry.

MAGNOOS is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE but operates across the Middle East and Africa, with a presence in Saudi Arabia, India, Egypt and Athens. The Company was founded and managed by Michael Halas, who will be joining the Midis SI family as a Managing Partner of MAGNOOS.

MANGOOS will be working closely with MDS AP and other Midis SI affiliates to improve their market reach and help them expand their offerings and strengthening MAGNOOS’s presence in the region especially in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Sami Abi Esber, President, Midis SI, said, “I would like to thank our Midis Group team who worked diligently for months to conclude this acquisition. We’ve come a long way in positioning ourselves as a leading SI of choice for customers looking for digital transformation solutions. We’ve complemented our big data and robotics process automation portfolio (RAP) with the acquisition of Magnoos.”

“This acquisition will further strengthen capabilities of the Midis SI group in the domains of Big Data and Analytics. It will also increase our vertical focus by creating a strong digital ecosystem and increase our offerings in the AI/ML, AutoML space including ML Ops and help us explore VR/AR and MR Solutions” he added.

Michael Halas, Managing Partner, MAGNOOS, said, “I would like to thank the entire Midis Group team for their trust, commitment and continuous support. We are all confident about this great move from Midis & Magnoos at a fantastic momentum in the market on the areas that MAGNOOS specializes:

  • Data Management & Analytics – Big Data ML&AI
  • Digital Service Management & Operations (Building the “Autonomous Digital Enterprise”)
  • Digital Business Automation & Robotic Process Automation”

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