LinkShadow partners with SGBox, next-Gen SIEM


LinkShadow, providers of next-generation Cybersecurity Analytics announced partnership with SGBox to jointly provide enterprises with unprecedented efficiency and visibility to their network security posture.

SGBox SIEM is a modular highly customizable solution designed to provide great visibility into network security posture and manage compliance requirements. SGBox analyzes huge amounts of security data to detect anomalies, security threats and avoid data breaches. SGBox security capabilities include automated responses to threats to help customers and service providers to mitigate the cyber risk. SGBox also addresses compliance issues running security checks and controls required from the main regulations such as the GDPR, PCIDSS, SOX, ISO 27001, and SAMA Cyber Security Framework.

Today’s threat landscape is highly sophisticated with constant behavioral changes and complex formats limiting visibility and control on the attacks tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) which legacy SIEMs solutions are failing to keep up with. Therefore, integrating a robust SIEM solution into an organization’s threat hunting strategy is crucial. LinkShadow and SGBOX compliments each other with high-performance data collection, real-time analysis and historical data whilst providing high-end visibility on all the network activities.  Thus, empowering enterprises with Threat Hunting use-cases to detect and identify attacks not only at an early stage, but upon suspicion.

Fadi Sharaf, Regional Director, LinkShadow commented that “LinkShadow empowers security teams to gain maximum insight through multiple features catering to Behavioral Analytics, CXO Visibility, Security Synopsis and Threat Hunting.  Our partnership with SGBox will help add value to enterprises especially with its innovative user experience, high scalability, and cost-effectiveness. We are looking forward to a successful alliance”.

CEO and Founder of SGBox, Massimo Turchetto states: “We are excited about the agreement with LinkShadow as their great security know-how represents an additional added value to be integrated into our SIEM solutions, allowing us to guarantee our customers an increasingly complete and effective product. In addition, this is a further step forward in the Middle East market, which is becoming increasingly strategic for us”.

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