Huawei transfers its ICT knowledge in interactive workshop to enable youth


Huawei, information and communication technology solutions, partook in a preparatory workshop “The Future of Technology and Post-Pandemic Digital Transformation”, conducted alongside the World Youth Forum (WYF) that is held in Sharm El-Sheikh from 10 – 13 January 2022 under the patronage of H.E. President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt to tackle various areas of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) field. The main purpose for the interactive workshop is reaching an idea or project to solve a problem facing the world and to reach a set of youth recommendations related to solving this problem through the various applications of technology such as IOT, thermal imaging, AI discussed in the workshop, in which Huawei transferred its knowledge in the cybersecurity area.

The workshop was moderated by Dr. Yomna Abdelrahman, Postdoctoral researcher at Armed Forces University in Munich, Germany, who presented different applications of artificial intelligence and the Internet of behavior – thermal camera for behavior analysis. Besides, Mr. Brian Bosire Kenyan Technology, Entrepreneur who presented how to deploy internet of things technologies in agriculture and water domain.

Huawei’s speaker at the workshop, Mr. Frank Li — Regional Cyber Security & Privacy Officer, gave a presentation about the importance of cybersecurity and why corporates and governments should invest in it, showcasing the latest methods to protect individuals, corporates, and governments from cyberattacks—building secure systems and networks through standards and best practices. Mr. Li also tackled the approaches in which high cyber resilience could be built in collaboration with all parties of Cybersecurity Ecosystem. In addition, he explained how to enhance privacy protection awareness for end users.

“With the accelerated development of technology, Huawei is continuously working with all governments, customers and partners through various channels to jointly cope with cyber security threats and challenges from cyber security. Cybersecurity & privacy protection are our top priority, we are committed that cyber security will never be outweighed by the consideration of commercial interests. This workshop is an opportunity to reach out to young talents and exchange our expertise in this field in order to generate technological breakthroughs that participate in solving global issues,” said Mr. Frank Li.

Mainly attended by the youth, the workshop was an opportunity for the attendees to gain knowledge from various ICT experts and had the opportunity to present their innovative ideas and solutions to various global challenges using ICT areas—to enable them, build their capabilities, and develop their digital skills.

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