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JS Wong, CEO of SendQuick discusses the company’s focus on enterprise messaging solutions and business mobile messaging solutions

What are the different enterprise messaging solutions you offer?
Established since 2001, SendQuick (formerly TalariaX) develops innovative enterprise mobile messaging solutions and more, helping customers around the world to innovate and unlock business value for growth.

Our enterprise messaging solutions include IT Alerts and Notifications, Secure Remote Access via Multi-Factor Authentication, Business Process Automation, Enterprise Messaging Broadcast and Automated Call Tree Systems. Our range of business mobile messaging solutions is geared towards providing security and confidentiality of company information and mitigating disruption during unplanned system downtime.

Headquartered in Singapore, SendQuick’s enterprise mobile messaging solutions are used by many corporations including Fortune Global 500 companies, in over 40 countries across the banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing, retail, government, education, and healthcare sectors.

What are the messaging platforms that your solution integrates with?
SendQuick integrates with various communication omnichannels, including SMS, email, voice calls, and omnichannel social messengers such as WhatsApp Business API (WABA), Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Instagram, WeChat, Lark, LINE, Viber and Sqoope (SendQuick’s private messaging app), as well as collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, and Slack.

These popular social messaging channels and collaboration tools are pre-integrated into a centralised platform to optimise any organisation’s omnichannel communication process with both its internal and external customers to improve customer experience.

Elaborate how your solution play a key role in enabling business automation?
Organisations prize efficiency. SendQuick’s business process automation solution reduces the manual effort required for sending routine messages, as workflows are standardised and improved.

Automated systems also reduce the likelihood of human errors in communication, ensuring that the right message is delivered to the right audience, at the right time. This frees up staff to focus on more strategic tasks and on delivering higher value to customers.

Some of the use cases include IT system alerts, customer sales enquiry and Tech Helpdesk hotline, subscription reminders or warranty checks, transaction confirmation, appointment reminders, job dispatch and delivery status notifications, marketing and promotional announcements, and inventory update.

Delegating these routine processes to end-users as self-service functions helps increase the productivity of operations teams.

SendQuick’s real-time, two-way messaging notification solutions can be deployed in many ways across business processes to help organisations improve efficiency, and ensure timely communication and responsiveness to its customers, thereby increasing its competitive advantage.

How important is it to automate alerts and notifications with an integrated SMS messaging service?
Automation of alerts and notifications through integrated SMS messaging services is essential for real-time communication in business operations. As SMS does not require any app or internet connection, critical messages are able to be sent and received promptly. Besides, SMS has a high open and response rate.

As timeliness is key, integrated SMS messaging services enable organizations to respond promptly to events, such as system failures, security breaches, emergency or crisis management and important updates.

This is particularly crucial in industries where downtime or delays can have significant consequences. Automated alerts ensure that critical information reaches the intended recipients quickly.

In the case of a data centre management solution that is integrated with SendQuick, which comes with email filters and duty rostering features, this enhances operational efficiency and reduces downtime as key IT personnel are alerted and can respond to important IT alerts promptly.

This ensures the security and availability of critical IT systems that keep organisations going.

How do you ensure the messaging is secured?
Security is a critical concern in enterprise messaging, especially when dealing with sensitive information. SendQuick’s robust enterprise messaging solution is compliant with relevant industry data protection and privacy laws to protect user data and confidentiality eg. HIPAA, Cyber Trust Mark and ISO/IEC 27018:2019 and ISO/IEC 27017:2015 certifications, proving our dedication to maintaining the highest standards in cloud security and information security management.

Additionally, SendQuick’s solution manages remote access from internal stakeholders and external customers with the use of authentication features and audit trails to enhance security. User authentication ensures that only authorised users can access and send messages.SendQuick’s integration with secure messaging channels and platforms helps maintain the integrity and confidentiality of messages. Data privacy and security are our top priorities.

Discuss your focus on the Middle East market
Middle East is an important region for SendQuick. We see ourselves playing an important role in IT development and digital transformation for companies in the Middle East.

Understanding and respecting the cultural norms, values, and business practices in the Middle East is crucial. We can customise solutions to address specific challenges or preferences in the Middle East market to meet any organisational needs. Therefore, understanding unique business needs in each country of the Middle East is essential.

We are looking for local partners who share the same value as us, who can deliver our products to our customers in the Middle East. Providing support for local languages is essential for effective communication and user experience. This includes language support in user interfaces, documentation, and customer support.

Being aware of and to be compliant with local regulations is paramount. Different countries in the Middle East may have specific regulations governing technology, data privacy, and communication services.

With strong emphasis on security and privacy, ensuring that our enterprise messaging solutions comply with local data protection laws and providing robust security features is crucial.

 What was the focus of your showcase at Black Hat?
The focus of our showcase at Black Hat was to highlight how IT alerts and notifications sent via various messaging omnichannels, as well as securing remote access with a choice of multi-factor authentication (MFA) features, can be managed all from a single platform — the SendQuick Conexa, an award-winning authentication solution!

The all-in-one SendQuick Conexa simplifies security with MFA – Singpass or Yoti Digital ID Login, passwordless biometric authentication, FIDO2-capable YubiKey, One-Time Password (OTP) via SMS, Email, Soft Token and Push Authentication.

This is especially beneficial for organisations seeking to provide secure remote access with strong authentication to onsite and remote staff, contractors or privileged users such as IT administrators and customers from multiple remote locations.


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