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Asha Hanley, DigitalMarketing Strategist, iStorage discusses how its hardware-encrypted portable storage and cloud encryption solutions help securely store, share and manage data

Discuss the demand for encrypted flash drives in the enterprise/corporate segment among key verticals?

As the digital world is evolving, it is clear that protecting your data should be a priority. Having a strong password just isn’t enough, there needs to be extra steps in place to ensure that all areas of potential risk are covered. A combination of password protection, and encryption are the best way to do this.

Your data can include your credit card information, phone number, passwords, and cryptocurrency. For businesses, there is also the severe threat of losing sensitive data, such as your intellectual property, confidential information on your employees and customers, customer databases etc. This can lead to adverse publicity, loss of trust, job losses, hefty fines, and the potential downfall of a business. iStorage products help you comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR, HIPPAA, as well as protect your data in the most secure way possible.

Our drives are easy to use and require no software so they will work on any device with a USB port.

Elaborate on your range of encrypted USB solutions? What are the standout security and performance features of these drives and up to what storage capacities are they available?

Our encrypted USBs cover a wide variety of solutions. Each drive, no matter what, is password protected and hardware encrypted so you can rely on even the simplest drive to protect your most precious information.

Our drives are designed and built with the customer in mind, so each drive fits a specific purpose. These features include remote management, biometric unlock, lightning-fast speeds, government certified and more.

Elaborate on some of your recent launches?

We recently launched our datAshur PRO+C, this drive is a hardware encrypted, PIN protected, USB Type-C (USB Type-C to Type-A Adapter included) flash drive. The datAshur PRO+C is the world’s first and only encrypted flash drive pending the new FIPS 140-3 Level 3 scheme and is available up to 512GB.

You also offer encrypted SSD drives. Discuss the demand and the highlights of these drives.

iStorage takes pride in manufacturing and providing cutting-edge SSD drives. These drives are increasingly sought after due to the growing demand for high-speed performance, robust security features, and extensive storage capacity. iStorage’s encrypted SSD drives excel in delivering superior performance in these aspects, surpassing the capabilities of other competitors. Notably, iStorage’s diskAshur PRO2 SSD holds more government accreditations than any other company in our industry.

Do you offer your entire range of products in the Middle East? Discuss your focus in the region.

iStorage offers its entire range of products in the Middle East. We are proud to take part in events such as Black Hat MEA, and we offer partnership opportunities globally including the middle east.

Discuss what the encrypted cloud module offers?

The cloudAshur is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to securely store, share and manage data in the cloud. cloudAshur can also be used to encrypt data stored on a network drive, on a local PC/MAC and to send encrypted email attachments or data via file-sharing software applications. The cloudAshur eliminates all the security vulnerabilities that exist with cloud platforms, such as lack of control, unauthorized access, and human error.

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