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Yannic Laleeuwe, Marketing Director, Meeting Experience; Jan Van Houtte, VP Product Management, Meeting Experience discusses the transformation of the workplace and the workspace and how to get it right with the right solutions

The world of work has probably changed more in the past five years than in the 50 years before. Previously unimagined ways of working from home, working in the office and everything in between are now the expected norm. More than half – 59 per cent – of employees say that some form of hybrid working is their preferred work model, while 20 per cent would even prefer to work fully remotely, as research figures from Barco ClickShare’s latest research show.

In-person meetings, however, have always been at the heart of a company, fostering the all-important culture that gets the best out of people, personally and professionally. That’s why 55 per cent of employees agree important presentations should still be given in-person. Employees want to go into the office to attend important meetings and connect with colleagues and management. The current work experience encompasses many virtual interactions, but the physical space remains essential for human connection and collaboration.

Today we take the next steps in creating the working environment of tomorrow, one that works for everyone, everywhere: a place where employees feel empowered by their surroundings rather than constricted. This moment is key in the transformation of the workplace and the workspace. Get it wrong and risk demotivating a group of individuals struggling to build back their all-important connectiveness. Get it right and create a whole new way of working: better work/life balance, seamless connections and empowered and efficient employees with a strong culture and sense of purpose.

Flexibility is key for today’s workforce, as workers expect a meaningful workspace that helps them meet and work in the most optimal way. Barco ClickShare has the technology and the synergy. That’s why we define the purposeful workplace as the intersection between office design, technology and workstyle that fosters engagement, collaboration and purpose. Office spaces should be designed for flexibility and engagement, with technology at the core. Different types of meeting spaces foster collaboration and bring the flexibility organisations require today.

With ClickShare, you can easily transform your workspace to guarantee meaningful experiences. Enable ultimate flexibility in every meeting room with ClickShare’s conference room solutions. Gone are the days of rigid setups and limited functionality. Say goodbye to messy cables and hello to effortless collaboration. It’s time to love meeting again.

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