Bayzat launches new solution to enable UAE businesses


Bayzat, UAE’s employee benefits platform, announced the launch of its new Performance Management module, which addresses the needs of regional businesses in their digitisation of the formulation and analysis of critical workforce metrics.

“Performance management, at present, is highly manual and often done through Excel spreadsheets,” said Safwan Youseph, Senior Product Manager at Bayzat. “In Dubai, for example, a mere 26% of SMEs follow a well-defined practice for employee performance management. Further research shows that this is not good for employers or their workforces because less than half of employees believe that the metrics and processes used to evaluate them are fair and transparent.”

Bayzat’s Performance Management module offers UAE SMEs a rich and transparent process through which employees can be evaluated and motivated. The module tracks the progress of employees against KPIs and fully automates the raising of alerts and reminders for stakeholders. While many KPIs are standard — such as certification achievements, behavioural goals, sales targets, lead generation, and percentage reductions in churn — the module also enables the customisation of each KPI to align with goals agreed between employees and their line managers.

The module is fully accessible from mobile devices via the Bayzat app, allowing employees, line managers or HR teams to review or make updates at any time, and from any location. The provision of customised templates for review sessions enables rapid rating and continuous feedback, leading to even greater transparency and effectiveness in evaluations and appraisals.

“With the release of our Performance Management module, we are responding to a pressing market need,” said Brian Habibi, Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer at Bayzat. “We continually listen to our customers on what they believe we should add to our HRMS platform, and we have found formal performance management to be one of the top requests we receive. And this is unsurprising. Studies show that organisations with employees who are more satisfied with their company’s approach to performance management are twice as likely to innovate. Today, the use of the SMART [specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound] framework in motivating employees has become very popular, so we have integrated that thinking into the design and functionality of our module.”

One of the key elements of Bayzat’s Performance Management module is its utilisation of analytics to provide a comprehensive dashboard for HR and line managers. The system automatically categorises employees to identify top performers and help chart career progression, training, and mentorship schemes.

Bayzat Performance Management is available as a cloud-based solution and can be consumed either as a standalone module, or as part of the overall Bayzat HRMS platform which serves as a single, powerful solution for employee benefits, payroll, HR, and insurance management. As the company collates feedback and discovers what is most important for customers to measure, it intends to extend its platform and release integration options for other Bayzat modules and core business solutions.

“The pandemic has changed every aspect of our lives, including our workplaces. We see new work dynamics, new expectations from employees. To thrive, companies must respond and assess people differently. We hear a lot of discussion around the importance of rejecting input-oriented work cultures in favour of output-oriented ones. It is our hope that Bayzat’s new Performance Management module will help organisations to move in this direction,” Youseph concluded.

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