SolarWinds bolsters Database Observability for Cloud-Native Platform


SolarWinds , a leading provider of simple, powerful, secure observability and IT management software, today announces major enhancements in its Database Observability capability within the cloud-based SolarWinds® Observability platform. SolarWinds Database Observability provides full visibility into open-source, cloud-enabled, and NoSQL databases to identify and address costly and critical threats to their systems and business.

Database Observability is part of the SolarWinds Database Performance Management portfolio, which includes SQL Sentry and Database Performance Analyzer. With the new capabilities, SolarWinds now offers one of the most comprehensive Database Performance Management portfolios in the industry.

Database performance is critical to the success of an organization’s IT strategy and business operations. However, databases also lead to some of the most complex challenges that IT teams face due to the complicated, business-critical, and difficult-to-diagnose issues they often present. Without complete and precise database monitoring and observability, IT and DevOps teams struggle to accurately diagnose the root cause of performance issues—risking costly downtime, decreased quality of service delivery, and other critical threats to health and growth potential of the entire enterprise.

The SolarWinds Database Observability offering is built for the needs of the modern enterprise environment and helps ensure optimal performance by providing full, unified visibility and query-level workload monitoring across centralized, distributed, cloud-based, and on-premises databases. Organizations armed with SolarWinds Database Observability enhance their ability to understand database implications as new code is deployed, utilize real-time troubleshooting of database performance issues, and isolate unusual behavior and potential issues within the database.

“Databases are often seen as the opaque and unknowable black box of IT, but organizations no longer need to settle for that lack of visibility. Today’s enterprises require full insight into their system performance across the full tech stack in order to stay ahead of issues, prevent outages, and understand the health and scalability of their systems and services,” said Cullen Childress, Senior Vice President at SolarWinds. “SolarWinds Database Observability was built to reimagine and redefine the performance and capabilities of the database environment as it becomes increasingly complicated.”

Built for the cloud and designed to simplify database performance management, SolarWinds Database Observability empowers enterprises to identify critical issues, even those caused by complex dependencies between the database, operating system, and network. SolarWinds Database Observability is the latest powerful capability available through SolarWinds Observability, a fully integrated, cloud-native software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that provides unified and comprehensive visibility across the entire technology stack to meet service-level objectives and optimize user experiences.

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