Sectrio and DigiGlass inaugurate State-of-the-Art OT/ICS SOC with Device Testing Lab in the UAE


DigiGlass by Redington, Managed Security Services Distributor (MSSD), and Sectrio, a global leader in OT/ICS and IoT cybersecurity solutions, cyber threat intelligence, and managed security services today inaugurated the first Industrial Control System/Operational Technology Security Operations Center (SOC) with a device testing lab in Dubai.

The state-of-the-art facility built for ICS/OT SOC hosts cutting-edge solutions, services, and consulting expertise primed towards countering existing and emerging cyber threats along with a device testing lab dedicated to OT systems is the first of its kind in the UAE. In addition, the SOC also hosts a team of OT threat analysts, IEC 62443, NIST, NIS2, and other compliance experts, and an OT Security testbed to stress test OT assets from a security perspective. For businesses that seek to elevate their OT/ICS security posture rapidly, the SOC offers:

  • Solutions and managed security services focused on core OT/ICS cybersecurity requirements delivered using proprietary frameworks
  • Greater control over the cost of capital deployed for securing OT/ICS infrastructure
  • OT/ICS and IoT-focused industry-leading expertise to monitor, prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to global cyber threats
  • Contextual and rapid incident detection and response capabilities to contain sophisticated threats
  • Largest pool of experienced OT security professionals
  • A path to rapidly scale OT security posture while dealing with in-house resource, skill, and expertise constraints

The facility brings together holistic cybersecurity offerings from Sectrio and DigiGlass.

“In a complex threat landscape, the ability to respond rapidly with accuracy to an incident makes all the difference in OT security as no one wants disruption. This is where our SOC brings immense value to OT operators. In addition to being a one-stop-shop, DigiGlass’ OT SOC is also well positioned to serve as the foundation for outcome-based OT security,” said Dharshana Kosgalage, Head of Technology Solutions, at Redington MEA.

“Our OT security managed services along with augmentation and support services help meet two of the biggest challenges – skill shortage and RoI. With our SOC, from day one, our customers will have access to the best OT security solutions, the largest pool of OT security expertise together with proven delivery models that are customized to meet the unique regional needs. We are sure this SOC will help more businesses adopt OT security, a need of the hour, with ease,” said Kiran Zachariah, VP Digital Security, Sectrio.

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