Redington Value partners with Dragos


Redington Value,  a leading value-added distributor (VAD) in the Middle East and Africa, has signed a distribution agreement with Dragos Inc., a global leader in cybersecurity for industrial controls systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) environments.

Under the agreement, Redington Value will deliver Dragos’s complete suite of solutions to help fortify the cyber defences of organizations operating in the region’s critical infrastructure sector. Dragos offers a full spectrum of industrial security solutions that combine the technology, intelligence, and expert services to secure ICS/OT environments. The company has built the largest and most experienced team of OT risk analysts, threat researchers, and incident responders, and codifies their expertise into the Dragos Platform, delivering the most effective protection against industrial cyber threats.

High-profile incidents over the last 12-18 months have made securing critical infrastructure a top priority for governments in the region and around the globe. Any attack on these services could lead to irrevocable harm to operations. A recent Gartner report predicts that by 2025, cyber attackers will have weaponized a critical infrastructure cyber-physical system to successfully harm or kill humans1.

“As the region’s industrial sector plays an increasingly pivotal role in GDP growth, securing ICS/OT environments in the hyperconnected world is more critical than ever,” said Mayank Verma, International Channel Leader, Dragos. Together, Dragos and Redington Value will serve as a force multiplier to the ICS community by bringing in our practitioner mindset and supporting end customers with the Dragos Platform, intelligence, and services. We are confident that Redington Value’s market expertise will allow us to expand our reach in the region and empower organizations in achieving holistic cybersecurity strategies.”

With the latest announcement, the distributor’s vast partner ecosystem can offer a compelling value proposition for regional customers with Dragos’s suite of solutions. Redington Value will conduct trainings and workshops to educate partners on how to position Dragos offerings and design customized security solutions for customers across verticals.

“We have seen that OT environments have become key targets for sophisticated cyber-attacks as exposures in ICS systems can pose serious risks,” said Sayantan Dev, President, Redington Value. This could disrupt organizations’ operations or even bring them to a screeching halt. With our partnership with Dragos, regional customers now have access to the world-class capabilities of the ICS and OT cybersecurity leader. Our partners can differentiate their services and offer additional value-adds to help customers build comprehensive OT security strategies. We look forward to building this partnership and taking it to new levels.”


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