PROVEN Solutions to strengthen AR offerings


PROVEN Solution, a leading enterprise focused on innovative technological solutions in AI, robotics, and AR/VR, has announced its plans to strengthen their Augmented Reality (AR) offerings, demonstrating ongoing advancements and technological breakthroughs.

PROVEN Solution has been strategically observing the expanding capabilities of AR, recognizing its potential to revolutionize products and customer projects. Over the past year, the company has intensively evaluated AR’s escalating potential, particularly propelled by recent hardware advancements, making it increasingly market adaptable.

“AR represents an unprecedented opportunity for us and our strategy involves a dual approach,” says Pavel Makarevich, VP of PROVEN Solution. “We are committed to developing our proprietary AR products while tailoring customized applications for our clientele. We envision a landscape where a fusion of virtual and physical elements not only enhances knowledge acquisition but also provides a hands-on, interactive experience across diverse sectors such as education, healthcare, and training.”

AR stands poised to elevate applications to new heights by combining virtual and physical components, which has piqued the interest among companies concerning the GCC market’s readiness for AR integration. This aims for scenario-based learning and real-time practical exposure, fostering interactive engagements through AR technology. However, the current phase is characterized by exploration and experimentation, as businesses discern optimal use cases aligned with their operations.

“Healthcare, education, and training are our primary domains,” added Pavel. “We foresee synergistic integration between technology and our expertise in these sectors, empowering our clients with immersive AR experiences.”

Acknowledging the investment required for AR development, PROVEN Solution emphasizes its expertise gained from existing VR ventures, streamlining technical knowledge. While hardware costs for AR remain relatively high, the company foresees a progressive decline as the technology matures in the coming years.

In 2024, PROVEN Solution has earmarked AR as the cornerstone of its R&D endeavours. The company aims to integrate AR across many of its products, empowering clients to capitalize on this transformative technology.

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