Poly explores how ambient noise challenges workers


Poly, a global communications company that powers meaningful human connection and collaboration, explores how ambient noise challenges workers today in its new Beat the Noise guide. Loss of concentration reduced productivity, call fatigue, burn out and poor customer experience are all too common consequences that can be easily avoided using devices featuring noise-reduction technology.

Poly’s ‘Evolution of the Workplace’ report in 2021 provided an analysis of the findings of a survey of 7,261 hybrid workers from the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Poland, and the UAE.

The report showed that 37.2% of UAE employees are more concerned about noisy phone calls and meetings while 31.6% are worried about their noisy colleagues.

36% of the employees polled across the UAE also indicated that they will most likely get fed up if their noisy colleagues break their concentration with those in the healthcare sector at 53% expressing their concerns.

Three key findings of the latest Beat the Noise study:

You can’t escape from the noise
Early 2022, we expected a global “return to office” movement but the Omicron variant put a stop to that, and instead, we found ourselves truly ensconced in hybrid working mode. Some of us work from home, others from the office, restrictions permitting, but significantly more of us are switching between both. Office distractions are everywhere: phones ringing, calls, loud conversations, text alerts, pens clicking and everything in between. Home offices or co-working spaces, coffee shops, your car or airports have their share of distractions too. The nature of the noise may vary, but the challenge is the same: concentration and productivity suffer. “We have collectively adapted to different work locations – remote, onsite or a mix of the two but one challenge remains wherever we work from: unwanted background noise. It’s everywhere and it’s a problem,” said Bob Aoun, Regional Sales Director at Poly.

Noise doesn’t have to be a nuisance
Background noise rapidly becomes public enemy number one when you need to get your head down and focus. We have all been interrupted or distracted by washing machines, kitchen appliances, barking dogs, children, music, or the TV in neighbouring rooms. The disruption negatively impacts our work. As a result, we have moved from coping mode, using any headset device to hand, to wanting the best tech possible. Lower quality, older technology and devices create disparity, and they can undo all your hard work. “Using a professional headset with active noise cancellation (ANC) and other noise suppression features like Poly’s Acoustic Fence technology makes any working environment easier and more enjoyable. Noise reduction technology filters out annoying background noise, reduces frustration and promotes reliable, efficient exchanges,” added Aoun.

Don’t leave people to their own devices!
Equip your employees with the right devices and they’ll stay motivated and productive. Left to their own devices, you risk frustration and isolation. In today’s hybrid reality, it’s all about the experience, whenever or wherever you work. Clear, positive, uninterrupted conversations make lasting, positive impressions. Consistent, equal meeting experiences benefit your workers and your customers. “Voice is such a powerful medium that hearing others properly and being understood brings satisfaction and meaning. Both of which are essential to successful communication and collaboration,” says Aoun.

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