Networking technologies and solutions are changing the way we do everything


Lucas Jiang GM of TP-Link FZE elaborates on the growing change in networking technologies and solutions and its influence. 

The unprecedented growth of Artificial Intelligence, IoT devices, private cellular and its growing applications are bringing true technological advantages for everyone. The AI enablement of networking products is moving beyond areas of security and analytics. The pandemic has taught us that AI can even help in managing productivity through monitoring the analytics. AI adoption has a myriad of use cases and can do an incredible job of scaling and adapting as the landscape underneath it keeps changing and expanding.

Another revolutionary area is the transition to WiFi 6E – the latest advancements are really opening up resources for future innovations in areas like AR/VR, 8K streaming and more. The new spectrum brings lots of room for up to seven high-capacity Wi-Fi streams and the 6GHz band, making way for internet speeds greater than 1Gbps. This can entirely transform online games, video calls, virtual computing sessions, and so much more.

The growing demands of home-based employees, distance learners, and at-home students for higher bandwidth more than justify the small price required to be incurred when moving to the new technology. The more significant challenge is picking the right kind of networking solution based on one’s requirements and what it should offer. For instance, choosing a useful router with excellent coverage and reliable Wi-Fi that keeps everything running seamlessly has become quite tricky.

Some essential tips to consider include getting a router that has an app that can be controlled from anywhere and not just when the smartphone is connected to that particular Wi-Fi only. If you’re looking for remote management from anywhere on the internet, make sure it is available for the router that you’re picking. Smart-home integration support is also essential with the increasing smart devices, sensors, and switches in homes that deserve a router that is integrated with task automation services to help users manage their apps and devices better.

Another critical thing to look for is smart parental control because the internet is not free of inappropriate content, and the young must remain protected in their most impressionable years. Some routers allow for the setting up of unique restrictions on internet access for different family members to block inappropriate content, set daily limits for time spent online, restrict access during certain times of the day and more.

Common mistakes people make while opting for privacy protection solutions include ignoring the presence of these vital, future-relevant features. We can expect to see the availability of more WiFi 6E compatible devices later this year as it becomes more evident that it can significantly improve a networking devices’ capabilities.

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