Mimecast announces second Integration with Rapid7


Mimecast API integration with Rapid7 InsightIDR SIEM solution is engineered to improve Threat Detection and Response

Mimecast Limited  a leading email security and cyber resilience company, today announced the availability of Mimecast for Rapid7 InsightIDR. Building on the successful Mimecast for Rapid7 InsightConnect integration, which more than 100 organizations currently leverage, this new integration is engineered to allow joint customers to ingest log data from Mimecast directly into InsightIDR to achieve a more comprehensive view of their security environments. Organizations will be able to detect, respond to, and remediate incidents faster and strengthen cyber resilience as a result.

“Collaboration between SIEM solutions and email platforms has become increasingly more important as security teams work to improve incident detection and speed of response,” said David Beaver, director of strategic alliances and partnerships at Rapid7. “Integrating Mimecast’s open API platform with our InsightIDR SIEM solution offers our joint customers the benefit of easily creating actionable alerts, providing them with a more holistic view of their security ecosystem and the ability to detect and remediate threats faster and more efficiently.”

To stay ahead of advanced threats, it is critical that email security data is communicating with other data sources, such as endpoint devices, internal network traffic, and web activity. Through this API integration, joint customers achieve greater visibility and centralized response, helping to lead to more efficient detection and response. Attacker behavior is constantly evolving, and unifying security data through integrations like Mimecast for Rapid7 InsightIDR helps organizations stay one step ahead.

“Email holds massive amounts of data and, when leveraged the right way, it can be a huge advantage to an organization’s security defense and response,” said Jules Martin, vice president of business development at Mimecast. “The amount of data needing to be processed can be overwhelming for teams lacking resources. Our Integration with Rapid7 InsightIDR is designed to allow joint customers to tap into their current security investments so they can reap the benefits of a connected security ecosystem. By harnessing the data via an open API, the integration is engineered to log relevant information to create actionable alerts for security teams. The result helps lead to faster response times and stronger cyber resilience.”

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