Huawei rotating chairman confirms company’s resilience in 2021, shares confidence in 2022 performance


In a new year message shared with the public, Huawei’s rotating chairman Mr. Guo Ping confirmed that the company had enhanced the quality and efficiency of its operations in 2021, and expects to round off the year with a total revenue of 634 billion yuan.

“In 2021, despite all the trials and tribulations, we worked hard to create tangible value for our customers and local communities,” Ping said in the new year message. “We worked more closely with our customers and partners, and our global operations are business as usual. Our transformation initiatives and strategic investments have progressed in good order, and our overall performance was in line with our forecasts.”

Ping noted that Huawei’s carrier business remained stable during the year, that its enterprise business experienced solid growth, and Huawei’s device business expanded swiftly into new business domains.

According to the new year message, the priorities for Huawei looking ahead to 2022 include:
Creating value for customers – Huawei intends to work with carrier and enterprise customers as well as partners around the world to build simple, green, and intelligent ICT infrastructure that helps all industries go digital. It plans to deeply integrate ICT technology with operational scenarios in key industries and work with partners to meet a diverse range of customer needs. For example, by integrating digital and power electronics technologies, the Huawei Digital Power business will develop clean energy and help traditional energy sectors go digital. HUAWEI Cloud will also innovate alongside partners and developers to provide its customers with stable, reliable, secure, and trustworthy cloud services.

Collaborating for shared success – Ping noted that Huawei will build a software ecosystem centered on EulerOS for digital infrastructure and a device ecosystem centered on HarmonyOS. These two ecosystems will adhere to an open source strategy, allowing all software developers to use them, contribute to them, and benefit from them, thus building a fully connected, intelligent world.

Creating social value while enhancing security and trustworthiness – Huawei aims to support the digital transformation of industries, promote the development of small- and medium-sized enterprises, and enable more people to benefit from digital technologies. Ping noted that Huawei is already helping local communities cultivate digital talent through initiatives like Seeds for the Future, ICT academies, and Women in Tech. The company is also facilitating green and sustainable development and protecting the natural environment through intelligent and low-carbon technologies.

Continuing investment and developing future-oriented capabilities – Ping stressed that Huawei needs to focus on its core business and move away from the periphery, ensuring strategic investment to maintain its long-term competitiveness. Huawei will, for example, increase investment in areas like core digital power technologies. Ping noted that cutting costs won’t pave the way to sustainable survival.

Attracting outstanding global talent – Huawei aims to attract top talent from around the world and grow its teams in key domains like software, algorithms, and computing power. The new year letter notes that Huawei will also encourage ambitious employees to dig deep into science and dive headfirst into uncertain domains. Huawei will in turn encourage top performers to go out to the field and solve specific technical and business issues.

“As long as we press ahead, we will reach our destination. With unwavering effort, we will build a promising future,” concluded Ping. “In the end we will not only survive, but do so sustainably.”

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