Genetec helps organizations move Seamlessly from Incident Response to Investigations


Genetec Inc. (“Genetec”), a leading technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions, has announced a new integration between the Genetec Mission Control™ decision management system, and the Genetec Clearance™ digital evidence management solution. This integration enables users to move seamlessly from incident response to investigation from within a single interface.

Security teams in organizations such as hospitals, banks, and utilities often handle a high volume of events, and frequently need to share video evidence and incident details with internal departments as well as with law enforcement agencies, attorneys, and insurance providers. This information includes video evidence as well as details of events as they unfolded and what courses of action were taken during the incident.

Thanks to the integration between Mission Control™ and Clearance™, all cameras tied to an event can be exported in a single action to a case in Clearance. This reduces the time operators spend documenting and creating a synopsis of an incident and helps to ensure that cameras that captured the event are not missed.  Once uploaded to Clearance, recordings can be stored based on the retention period defined by the nature of the incident, and the organization’s business policy.

The Mission Control incident report is also preserved as part of the case, which allows organizations to demonstrate policy compliance when handling an event as all actions related to the incident are documented in the report. Like the video exports, these reports can then be shared with other parties or used internally for audit purposes.

“With the integration of Mission Control with Clearance, we’re simplifying the process of launching an investigation following an incident. This efficiency enables our customers to do more with their systems and the information they’re collecting, while at the same time leveraging existing technology to achieve their business objectives,” said Erick Ceresato, Product Group Director, Genetec Inc.

Organizations can request free trials of Clearance and Mission Control from certified Genetec partners.

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