Freshworks extends its service management platform to serve non-IT departments with “Freshservice for Business Teams”


Freshworks today announced Freshservice for Business Teams, which enables departments outside of the IT function like HR, facilities, legal and finance to securely provide uninterrupted service delivery within each department. Freshworks will host a virtual event on November 9, to demo a variety of new product innovations from its Fall ‘22 Launch.

Launching Freshservice for Business Teams – an enterprise service management solution (ESM) – builds on Freshworks’ mission of helping every employee thrive with modern, easy, affordable products.

“Thousands of Freshworks customers already use Freshservice beyond IT to support internal stakeholders,” said Prakash Ramamurthy, Chief Product Officer at Freshworks. “With Freshservice for Business Teams, companies of all sizes can benefit from service management principles in non-IT departments. Every part of the business deserves uninterrupted service delivery.”

What makes Freshservice for Business Teams unique is the support for private “Workspaces” for every team. Multiple teams can coexist independently within a single Freshservice instance with the ability to configure, manage and control access to their individual workspaces.

In addition to extending service management beyond IT, Freshworks continues to invest in IT operations management capabilities to strengthen existing capabilities and help IT teams keep the business up and running. These include alert management notifications via WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams and the Freshservice mobile app (iOS and Android). Access to these channels streamlines incident management and enables 24/7 agent availability, resulting in faster resolution of critical incidents.


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