Enhancing cybersecurity posture


Jose Menacherry, Managing Director, Bulwark Technologies discusses different aspects of the fast-evolving cybersecurity landscape from threats to scarcity of resources and continued demand for  point solutions as well as the need for better cybersecurity awareness in this conversation with CXO DX

How do you see the threat landscape evolving?

The cybersecurity landscape continues to see changes every year in terms of new threats, breaches, and solutions. Advanced technologies are used on both sides by cybersecurity providers and by cybercriminals. Even Cybercrime as a Service is also available, enhancing the threat potential manyfold to organizations.

How challenging does it become for solutions to address the enhanced threats?

Vendors have historically addressed these evolving threats with solutions that effectively address customers’ concerns or pain points. This is why it becomes important for customers to choose solutions wisely that address various aspects of cybersecurity.

Do you see Businesses appreciating the need to invest in cybersecurity more these days or does this understanding needs to be better?

There is still a lack of adequate understanding of the cybersecurity challenges and how to address them, and this calls for educating them more on the cybersecurity awareness front. Additionally, there is a scarcity of skilled resources in cybersecurity, due to which some organizations are taking the services of managed security providers. Several companies seem to be considering managed security services as an option to enable continuous monitoring of their cybersecurity landscape and strengthen their overall cybersecurity posture.

How do you think customers need to balance the need for point security solutions vis-a-vis a consolidated approach?

There is always demand for point solutions. For instance, email is still a major threat vector and is the easiest point of entry into the network. Email security continues to see good demand from customers. The challenge is that with new types of threats evolving, they can’t wait for a consolidated solution to come along, and therefore at times, they need to invest in a point solution that could address their immediate concerns. However, at some point, they need to consider consolidation by integrating such point solutions with their existing security fabric for better security management.

How do you ensure customers are aware of all solutions you carry?

Events like GISEC is a good platform for us to interact with end customers, partners, and even new vendors. We regularly communicate with end customers and our channel partners to understand their security needs and update them about our latest solution. We also participate in other security-focused events in the region, conduct regular webinars / email campaigns, and are active on social media platforms. We offer a combination of solutions in different areas. For instance, our data security solution suite address the security of data from the time it is generated or enters the network, data in motion / at rest / in backup storage and even after it exits the network. We have DLP, data classification, DRM solutions, Managed File Transfer, Storage security and encryption solution which are very well integrated to take care of the security of data anywhere. Likewise, there are other solutions by combining multiple security products after understanding the customer needs through a consultative approach.

Please highlight on the current solutions/product portfolio you carry?

We have a vast portfolio. This includes Mobile Device Management/Unified Endpoint Management from 42Gears Mobility System, Secure Remote Access/Workspace Virtualization from Accops, Cloud E-mail Security/Archival from Mimecast, Enterprise & 3rd Party Risk Score Rating/Cyber Risk Analysis from RiskXchange and Privileged Identity & Access Management (PIM/PAM) from Arcon. From Fortra, we can address the need for Secure Managed File Transfer/Data Loss Prevention/Digital Rights Management/Digital Risk Protection/Robotic Process Automation/Data Classification/Network Monitoring & Mapping.

We offer Hardware Security Module (HSM)/Enterprise Security Key Manager/Atalla Payment HSM from Utimaco, Web Vulnerability Assessment/Penetration Testing/Integrated Vulnerability Management from Invicti, Insider Threat Prevention/User Behaviour Analysis/Employee Monitoring from Ekran, Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)/E-mail Fraud Prevention/Ransomware Protection/E-mail Security/DNS Security from Heimdal. From Continuity Software, we offer Enterprise Storage & Backup Systems, from ISSQUARED, we offer External Identity & Access Governance solutions and from CyberCyte, we offer Threat Hunting/Forensic Analysis/Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management. Among other solutions, we offer Network Access Control (NAC) from Scopnet, Centralized IT Alerts & Notifications Management Platform/Omnichannel Gateway from SendQuick, Hardware Encrypted USB Discs/Flash Drives from iStorage, Endpoint Security/Antivirus/Anti-Malware Solution from ESET as well as Data Loss Prevention/Insider Threat Prevention/User Activity/Workspace Audit/Data Discovery/Data Classification from Safetica.

We have partnerships with SecurEnvoy to offer Identity & Access Management/Multifactor Authentication solutions, with Randtronics offering Tokenization/Encryption/Automization of Sensitive Data, with Radware providing DDoS Protection/Application Protection/Public Cloud Protection, with SGBOX for Next Gen SIEM & SOAR/Network Vulnerability Scanner/Log Management/Correlation Engine and with Motadata  for IT Asset Management/Service Desk/Patch Management/Network Configuration Management solutions.

We also offer Classroom Management/IT Asset Management from NetSupport, Cyber Range Security Training & Simulation Platform from Cyberbit, On-Premise Email Archival from MailStore, Smart ID for Workforce/Workplace & IoT Applications/Virtual Smart Cards from Nexus and  IT Governance/Risk Management from Varonis.


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