CyberKnight books over $10 Million in first year of operations


CyberKnight, the pioneer of The Art of Cybersecurity Distribution, today announced its financial results for 2020 which ended on December 31st, 2020. This exceptional performance for a new company was observed during one of the most challenging periods in human history. Despite COVID-19’s unprecedented global impact, in its first year of operation, CyberKnight achieved more than $10 Million in revenue bookings, and is on track for exponential growth in 2021.

“During Dubai’s real estate boom in the 2000’s there was a billboard which stated: It takes generations to build a world-class city; we did it in less than one. Deriving inspiration from these wise words, while being headquartered in the same city, we observed other value-added-distributors (VADs) take up to ten years to reach $10 Million; we are privileged to have been able to do it in one. Although our competitors tried hard to slow us down, we went from startup to scale-up in 2020!” said Avinash Advani, Founder & CEO at CyberKnight.

Advani continued “We are extremely proud and grateful for this phenomenal achievement, but the credit goes to our high-caliber team, who were emulating our market-leading vendors to support our loyal Strategic Partners, as they advised Middle East customers. CyberKnight’s people worked diligently and efficiently over the course of the year, even during the lockdown working from home. The team demonstrated resilience, commitment and passion while wearing multiple hats in our dynamic startup environment.”

“There was nothing easy about operating a new business in 2020. With the uncertainty created by COVID-19, we struggled to achieve monthly and quarterly linearity, which made forecasting difficult. Although we had set higher targets for ourselves before the pandemic struck, we unfortunately realized that they were stretched goals as markets were devastated in Q2 and Q3.”, added Vivek Gupta, Co-Founder & COO at CyberKnight.

Gupta concluded, “That being said, by year-end, CyberKnight managed to attain remarkable results for 2020, which can be attributed to various factors. Firstly, instead of spreading ourselves too thin like other VADs have done, we had a razor-sharp focus on cybersecurity with the right number of best-of-breed vendors to tell a Zero Trust Security story. We also rapidly expanded across the Middle East region, deploying vendor-grade teams in all key markets including the establishment of a local entity in Saudi Arabia. With our unique business model, we endeavored to add maximum value by empowering our Strategic Partners, instead of bypassing them like the competitors. This enabled us to become an extension of our vendors on-the-ground and remain a Trusted Advisor to enterprise and government customers across the region.”

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