Cloudflare channel and alliance business revenue grows by 174% over two years


Cloudflare, Inc., a leading connectivity cloud company, today announced that its channel revenue increased 174% over the last two years, and was recently awarded by CRN, receiving the highest accolade of a 5-Star ranking for its Partner Program. The company’s recently launched Cloudflare PowerUP Partner Program provides additional, clear paths to revenue for its channel partners globally. The Program expansion comes as Cloudflare’s partnerships and alliances have been delivering strong results to joint customers across sectors worldwide.

With the rapid growth of interconnected applications, employees, and devices, comes new and more sophisticated attack vectors. Organizations with limited security and traditional network architectures are not only facing increased risk of attack, but are also hindered by the lack of freedom to innovate between cloud applications. Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud is the digital core for businesses to transform how they connect, protect, and build in their digital environments.

Partners are crucial to extend the solutions and support that customers need to control application complexity, reduce cyber risk, and cut costs, all through Cloudflare’s network. Cloudflare’s all-in-one, robust approach to an organization’s cybersecurity framework includes connectivity between multiple clouds. Over the past year, Cloudflare has partnered with a large number of organizations, realizing the business opportunity of helping customers secure their Internet applications and innovate with full control across cloud environments.

“We have seen a vast range of customers worldwide benefit from Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud and we have to credit our channel partnerships and alliances. Cloudflare’s channel growth is a testament to how we’ve been deepening our work with partners and distributors”, said Matthew Harrell, Cloudflare Global Head of Channels & Alliances. “As consolidation and security have become front and center for every business, the channel is facing a huge opportunity across the market with Cloudflare’s solutions. Our recently launched PowerUP Program brings new levels, resources, and support to ensure our partners can capitalize on this opportunity.”

All of the Cloudflare PowerUP Partner Program tiers, across Registered, Select, and Elite, can deliver Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud suite of solutions, including:

  • Protection from One of the Largest Networks:Cloudflare runs one of the largest and most interconnected networks in the world, and has the largest global network of DDoS mitigation data centers. With its globally distributed data centers, the Cloudflare threat network absorbs and neutralizes attacks while keeping websites and Internet applications accessible to legitimate users. Cloudflare’s industry-leading cybersecurity protects corporate networks, Internet applications, and users, all delivered through a unified platform.
  • Modernization Across Corporate Networks and Internet Applications:Cloudflare provides the leading network and edge capabilities needed for flexible work environments. This includes reducing tech debt and legacy architecture while saving customers’ IT teams from manual work. Partners advise and assist customers in managing their IT infrastructure as they evolve their networks and transfer workloads into Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud.
  • Platform Consolidation:Consolidating with Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud can reduce application complexity and drive down Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 50% without any security or performance tradeoffs, helping accelerate modernization across digital environments.
  • Data Compliance:The Cloudflare Data Localization Suite is designed as a specialized platform to help organizations protect, connect, and build in compliance, regardless of where the organization and its users are based. The offering helps address a wide and growing range of regulations, frameworks, and standards including GDPR, CCPA, PCI DSS, and HIPAA.

Program Highlights

To ensure all partners are equipped to extend solutions to market with clear paths to revenue, the Cloudflare PowerUP Partner Program revolves around:

  • Tiered and Easy-to-Apply Benefits:Across partner tiers, including Registered, Select, and Elite, partners receive access to a range of benefits. With Elite, partners can access an exclusive designated Cloudflare Channel Manager and Presales Engineer, joint business planning, proposal-based MDF, marketing support, eligibility to participate in the Cloudflare Partner Advisory Board, customized training, and more.
  • Simplified Consumption Pricing:Partners can list and bill confidently with transparent and predictable discounts based on the partner tier. Authorized partners have access to the price list via the Cloudflare Partner Portal or Cloudflare Authorized Distributors.
  • Extensive Training and Accreditations:Partners are designed to serve as trusted experts across Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud. Becoming authorized as a partner includes accreditations and exclusive sessions, starting with upleveling skills from Cloudflare University, to customized training.
  • Driving Sales Pipeline:The Program’s new, flexible selling tools are set up for adoption and expansion deals to close business faster.

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