Tenable celebrates a successful year as deepwatch’s Preferred Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Partner


Tenable, the Cyber Exposure company, today celebrates a successful year as deepwatch’s preferred risk-based vulnerability management partner. The strategic partnership combines Tenable’s industry-leading vulnerability management solutions with deepwatch’s innovative cloud SecOps platform and managed services to help joint customers see their systems, predict what matters and act to reduce risk, especially as they prioritize cloud computing.

“Over the past year, we’ve seen a massive, global shift to the cloud and remote workforces,” said Mark Thurmond, chief operating officer, Tenable. “We’re helping customers accelerate their cloud journeys swiftly and securely by combining our industry-leading solutions with deepwatch’s elite team of security experts.  Forward-leaning partners such as deepwatch are the bedrock of our channel strategy and we remain deeply committed to working in lockstep with them.”

As their attack surface expands, organizations are increasingly turning to Tenable and its partners to reduce their cyber exposure. Integrated into deepwatch’s cloud SecOps platform, Tenable.io and Tenable.sc provide a risk-based view of customers’ entire attack surface—from IT to cloud to containers—enabling deepwatch to quickly identify, investigate and prioritize vulnerabilities. deepwatch leverages Tenable’s Vulnerability Priority Ratings (VPR) to determine the remediation priority of each flaw based on the risk it poses to the business. From there, customers are provided actionable remediation recommendations to ensure the most business-critical flaws are addressed first.

“After rigorous testing and customer feedback, we determined that Tenable is the gold standard and selected them as our preferred vulnerability management partner,” said Charlie Thomas, chief executive officer, deepwatch. “Offering the only risk-based vulnerability management solution that provides  a holistic view of the modern enterprise — spanning IT to OT and everything in between — Tenable has been instrumental in the strong growth of our vulnerability and risk management solution which has grown 129% over the last two years. Together, we’re advancing the service of managed security to future-proof customers’ technology investments. We look forward to expanding our strategic partnership well into the future.”


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