IFS named a leader for SaaS and Cloud-enabled large enterprise ERP applications

IDC MarketScape validation reveals more reasons why IFS’s business continues to thrive.

IDC MarketScape validation reveals more reasons why IFS’s business continues to thrive.

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, has been positioned as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Large Enterprise ERP Applications*.

IFS has seen sustained growth of its overall business, with H1 2020 software revenues increasing by 26% compared to H1 2019. In addition, the company has seen its cloud revenue grow by a remarkable 56% in the first half of the year compared to the same time period in 2019, further validating its cloud first strategy.

Based on a comprehensive evaluation of IFS’s products and strategies, the IDC MarketScape placed the company in the Leaders Category worldwide, citing the following highlights:

Customer Intimacy:

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Flexible product:

IFS has multimode manufacturing capabilities, visual drag-and-drop functionality for operational planning and scheduling, integrated eco-footprint functionality, integrated service management, and complete functionality for product life-cycle management.

Cloud first and innovation:

IFS Applications’ strategy is to have a cloud-first mindset. IFS does major investments to adapt and engineer IFS Applications for the cloud. IFS Labs helps by proving out the concepts of today that customers will ask for tomorrow, to make their everyday work more productive, efficient, and inspiring.


“Today’s enterprise businesses see a more complicated view of business challenges including the increasing pace of business, the expanding volume of business data, and the growing scope of global commerce”, said IDC VP Mickey North Rizza. “Cloud-deployed, ‘intelligent’ ERP applications are answering the call of this complexity as the new asset enterprises want because they enable more employee insights by automating transactions and bringing more data into the equation so organizations can make better decisions immediately.”

“Our position as a leader in the ERP market has once again been validated by independent research like this IDC MarketScape,” said Antony Bourne, Senior Vice President, Industries and Product Marketing. “IFS has worked tirelessly to make connecting to, and extending, the IFS core easy – which means it is simpler for customers to enjoy a truly open and enabled software platform. We also continue to invest in emerging technologies like robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning. For our customers, this translates into pragmatic ways for customers to interact better across their entire business, allowing them to maximize the value from their IFS solutions.”


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