Dell Technologies and Aramco to explore collaboration opportunities in emerging technologies


Dell Technologies and Aramco have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore opportunities in quantum computing, artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing solutions, and advanced computing architectures.

The role of technologies such as AI-enabled edge and quantum computing can help address complex problems in areas such as energy optimization, predictive maintenance, weather modeling, and materials science. The combination of AI and edge computing, along with a robust and scalable enterprise IT infrastructure, is expected to allow businesses to optimize operations, foster real-time data processing, and enhance computational efficiencies.

The MoU underscores Aramco’s aim to drive innovation in the global energy sector and paves the way for potential collaborations that could lead to future technological advancements.

Nabil Al Nuaim, Senior Vice President of Digital & Information Technology, Aramco, said, “Technologies such as AI and quantum computing offer unparalleled processing capabilities and could be gamechangers in the energy sector. The potential is limitless, and we are excited to explore new opportunities with Dell. These opportunities could enable us to further align with our sustainability goals and help contribute to the Kingdom’s position as a technological frontrunner in the energy domain.”

Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President, CEEMETA, Dell Technologies, said “From optimizing energy operations to finding solutions to complex challenges, we seek to drive transformative change within the energy vertical by helping companies like Aramco adopt the latest technological advancements to stay ahead of the innovation curve.”

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