Safeguarding against the Dark Web threats


Ayoub Riahi, Channel Manager, Skurio spoke to CXO DX on the sidelines of GISEC about the threats from the Dark Web and how their solution is effective against these risks

What are the major solutions that you have focused on at GISEC?
The major solution that we have focused on is the Digital Risk Protection Platform. With this, we are focusing on what is outside the network. Information like employee credentials, customer information, etc is available on the Dark Web, outside of the network. Therefore, a workflow needs to be created to mitigate the risks for companies. Skurio is a Digital Risk Protection technology that automates the search for vital business data and potential dangers on the surface, deep, and dark web. We allow companies to look beyond the network.

Elaborate on the current threat landscape and what are the solutions provided by you to tackle this?
The Middle East is a target market for cybercriminals. We are currently witnessing a lot of attacks where hackers are trying to imitate customer domain to do phishing attacks. Credentials or password leaks are also seen a lot in this region. When we meet a new customer, they believe to be safeguarded from attacks as they have the best cybersecurity solutions implemented in their network but are unaware of the threats they have outside the network.

On behalf of the customers, we constantly look for threats outside the network and give them full visibility of potential threats oustide. Since business-critical data is shared with partners and suppliers, managing cybersecurity within the network is not sufficient. On the surface, deep, and Dark Web domains, hacked data is exchanged and traded alongside threats and exploits. We are a Data Risk Protection company specializing in dark web monitoring and cyber threat detection. We look for data outside of the network of the customers.

Why is Dark Web Monitoring critical?
If a company is unaware of the data that is available on the dark web, they would not be able to take the needed action to stop cyber attacks. Dark Web Monitoring tool allows to safely monitor activity and identify whether your data has been compromised. It allows to keep an eye on dark web data, and discover whether they’ve been hacked or if there are signs that they could be, as well as who is attacking them and what strategies are being employed.

What is your key focus in the Middle East region?
In the Middle East region, we work with different verticals. Our customers range from financial sectors, charities, group holding companies etc. Our customers are companies who deal with a lot of data. At the end of the day, data is the key to any cyberthreats and it is should be protected not just within the network but also outside the network.

Elaborate on your channel focus.
Skurio is a channel focused company and do not go directly to the market. We work with MSSPs as well as lots of customers are driven to these services now. We are currently working with over 20 partners in the UAE and GCC region. We also invest in marketing activities like webinars providing awareness to customers on Dark Web Monitoring.

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