SAP recognized as one of the Best Workplaces for Women in the GCC


SAP has been officially recognized as one of the 2020 Best Workplaces for Women in the GCC, by leading global workplace culture authority Great Place to Work Middle East. Taking place for the first time in the region, Great Place to Work recognized 40 organizations in GCC.

For SAP, greater gender balance is a priority, with the executive board setting a goal to have 30 percent of management positions filled by women globally by 2022. Aligned with the Women at SAP initiative, SAP hosts numerous efforts and initiatives in the Middle East, such as the Business Women’s Network, the “Women’s Professional Growth” webinar series, and the SAP Women Forward LinkedIn community.

“We couldn’t be prouder of being awarded among the 2020 Best Workplaces in the GCC, as SAP treasures our focus on diversity and inclusion,” said Sergio Maccotta, Senior Vice President, SAP Middle East South. “This is why we set clear goals to have more women in leadership positions and I believe this must be a unifying topic for all business leaders too.”

All certified organizations were considered for the list, but the 40 Best Workplaces were selected by focusing on the Trust Index survey averages rated by female employees, while taking into consideration female ratio in each organization along with the fair treatment regardless of gender.

“Focus on diversity and inclusion is among the most important success factors that make companies stand out from the competition and SAP being recognized as one of the 2020 Best Workplaces for Women in the GCC is a major milestone, and underlines our efforts in leading by example,” added Sergio Maccotta. “Aligned with nationwide transformation agendas, such as UAE Vision 2021, SAP is supporting professional development for female employees, and empowering them to bring their full potential to the fast-growth technology workplace.”

Ibrahim Mougharbel, Managing Director, Great Place To Work UAE, said: “Our research shows that men have a better experience at work than women, hence, we are very proud to be launching for the first time in the region the top 40 Best Workplaces for Women in GCC, and in line with our 2020 strategy of recognizing organizations across the region that are working hard to close the gender gap and sustain a high trust, high performing culture for ALL employees.”

The ‘Best Workplaces for Women in GCC’ are represented by a diverse number of governmental entities and industries including logistics, technology, finance, media, retail, fashion, FMCG, hospitality, healthcare and manufacturing.

Mazen Harb, Managing Director, Great Place To Work Middle East, said: “Employees told us how they felt about 60 different aspects of their workplace culture, including credibility, respect, pride and camaraderie. Among these, measurements of fairness and equity revealed the biggest gaps between womens’ and mens’ workplace experience; Women, more often than men, experience management playing favorites and handing out promotions and work projects unfairly.”

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